What Causes Black Eyes and Its Symptoms for Effective Treatment

A black eye occurs when blood accumulates in the injured area. The skin surrounding the eyes is extremely delicate and thin, and the blood that collects makes the area look blue-black. Eventually, the blood gets reabsorbed in to the body and the black discoloration disappears. It takes 1 week for the bruise to subside completely.

Black Eye Treatment

  • Place a cold compress immediately; this prevents swelling and formation of a black eye. Wrap ice cubes in a cloth and place of the affected area for 15 minutes, at least 3 times, everyday.
  • 2 days after the injury, start using warm compresses to manage the black eye. By now, the capillaries around the eye will be repaired, and we have to increase the blood supply to the injured area to effectively tackle the black eye.
  • Keep the head elevated when you sleep, and do not roll on to the side where the black eye is forming.
    This will hasten healing appreciably.
  • Massage the tissue surrounding the eye gently. You must begin to see improvement in 2 weeks time; if not, you must consult your doctor.

How to Cure a Black Eye

  • Vitamin K is necessary to mange black eye successfully; it promotes and accelerates healing. Apply 1 – 5 % vitamin K cream around the eye. Be careful not to get anything into the eye socket itself. It is also recommended that you use an eye patch, so that the vitamin K acts all day long.
  • Parsley has anesthetic and anti inflammatory properties that speeds up healing. Grind a few leaves of parsley along with some ice. Freeze. Wrap these cubes in a soft cloth and apply to your eyes; 3 to 4 times.

What are the Symptoms of Black Eye

The eye turns blue-black as a consequence to the bruising of the tissues. There will be signs of inflammation and swelling. The eye may look soggy. Pain accompanies the other symptoms too.

Black Eye Causes

Injury or trauma to the eye or around the eye or the head is the chief cause for a black eye. Allergic reactions are also known to cause a black eye in many individuals. Surgical procedures such as: face lift, nose surgery, etc are important causes too. It has been observed that the initial sign of a facial injury is black eye.

Fluids and blood tend to accumulate under the eye, making the eye discolored and swollen. The skin and tissues surrounding the eyes are extremely delicate, and thus, it easy for fluids to accumulate here.

Swollen Black Eye Treatment

  • Ice compress is the principal line of action to treat a black eye. Place ice cubes wrapped in a cloth over the injured eye, do not apply undue pressure.
  • Vitamin C is a wonderful home remedy to treat bruises, thus, it is decidedly beneficial for black eye. Make sure you take one vitamin C supplement daily; also take loads of limes, lemons, oranges, mangoes, apples, tomatoes, etc.
  • Massaging the affected area with olive oil is effective too.
  • Rose water also helps get rid of black eye.
  • Raw potato is another effectual home remedy. It reduces the soggy feeling and diminishes the swelling as well.

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