Causes of Dry Burning Itchy Eyelids & Its Home Remedies for Treatment

Dry Itchy Eyelids

Occasionally, individuals acquire eye infections. This may affect the eyelids, conjunctiva, or the tear duct. Whichever the structure is, the effects are equally considered impediments to vision. Itchiness of the eyelids is less common when compared to bouts of itchiness in the eyes. Oftentimes this is due to the use of cosmetics, and frequent touching of the eyes without prior hand washing.

There are a few conditions that can cause itchiness along the eyelids. These include:

  • Stye. Also known as hordeolum, a stye is an itchy red bump along the eyelash. It usually is due to an infection of the sebaceous gland located at the eyelash’s follicle. The best way to resolve this is through the use of warm and wet compresses, used for 10 minutes at least 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Chalazion. This is a red lump located on the eyelid. It is usually not due to infection. The inflammation can be relieved with the use of warm compresses.
  • Blepharitis. Known as the inflammation of the eyelid, Blepharitis is characterized by an itchy burning sensation on the margin of the eyelid. It can be manifested by scales, crusts, pustules, or ulcers.
    It is usually caused by varicella virus or Staphylococcus aureus.

Itchy Burning Eyes

The possible causes of itchy burning eyes are abundant:

  • Sore eyes. Also known as conjunctivitis, sore eyes is a common ocular infection affecting all age groups. This highly contagious infection starts with airborne bacterial contamination. The blood vessels in the eyes dilate, causing the eyes to appear red. The conjunctiva or outer covering inflames as well. This condition causes excessive itchiness. Aside from the itchy and burning sensation, the condition is accompanied by grittiness and crusting.
  • Foreign objects
  • Allergies

Remedies for Itchy Eyes and Eyelids

The number one rule in any eye condition is simple—do not rub the eyes in any way. Although it is very difficult not to rub as long as itchiness is present, rubbing may only irritate the eyelid and conjunctiva further. Scars and tears on the layers of the eye may become permanent if rubbing is pursued. There are other remedies available for such conditions:

  • Cucumber slices. Because the vegetable is mostly made up of water, cucumber slices can be used as a natural cooling eye pack.
  • Rose water. Cotton soaked in rose water can be placed over the eyes for a few seconds, making sure that nothing gets inside.
  • Salt solution. Cotton balls dipped in salt solution can be placed atop the infected eye for 5 minutes.
  • Apples. Raw minced apples can be used as poultice over inflamed eyes.
  • Potato. Grated potato mixed with a few drops of oil can also be used as poultice for eye infections.

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