How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally and Ways to Avoid Eyelash Fallout

How to Grow Eyelash Naturally

  • Eyelashes are present to protect the eye from potential dangers, making individuals blink when an object comes too near.

  • Long eyelashes add to the aesthetic appeal of an individual. Females generally have shorter eyelashes than the male population.

  • A number of products have been made like fake lashes and mascara to make the eyelashes appear longer.

    However, there are natural methods anyone could try to grow their lashes.

    • Diet and nutrition: If no appropriate diet and nutrition is provided in the body, it will stop to grow fingernails and hairs including eyelashes. Thus, any food that can keep hair grow longer and healthy can as well help the eyelashes.

    • Lubricants: Petroleum jelly and olive oils can make the eyelashes stronger. Apply any of these once in the morning and before sleeping.

    • Vitamin E: Apply vitamin E oil into the lashes using a clean brush to keep it healthy and nourished.

    • Regular brushing: Just like hair, constant brushing helps the lashes grow.

Natural Eyelash Growth Remedies

The following are some remedies to naturally grow the eyelashes:

  • As mentioned earlier, maintaining a good and balanced diet keep the hair in the body growing. Thus, concentrating on proper nutrition helps in improving the eyelash growth.

  • Some of the important elements that the body needs in generating new cells and tissues are zinc, sulfur, magnesium, silica, and biotin. Remember to take in food sources rich with these minerals to make sure that the body will grow the hair and lashes.

  • Make use of mascaras that have only natural ingredients since artificial ones would only cause eyelash falling.

Ways to Avoid Falling Out of Eyelashes

In order to keep the eyelashes longer and stronger, certain measure can be done to keep these from falling out:

  • Manage stress which can cause hair including eye lash to fall out.

  • Certain conditions like hypothyroidism, follicular problems and allergies can cause eyelashes to fall. Thus, these conditions have to be taken care of to minimize hair and lash falling.

  • Avoid using make ups or mascara with strong chemical components as eyelashes can easily fall out with harsh substances.

  • Keeping the eyelash conditioned by brushing and applying oils with natural elements like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Omega-3 help keep the hair and lashes stay stronger and longer, and look more lush and healthier.

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