Home Remedies & Cleaning Tips for Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis in Adults

Although pink eye or conjunctivitis is a common affliction in children, it can also occur among adults. It gets its name through the slightly red appearance of the eyes due to the inflamed membranes covering the eyes. It can be highly contagious and needs to be treated immediately to prevent infection.

Home Remedies for Pink Eye in Adults

Conjunctivitis has popular forms of home remedies that are effective in relieving the person of the discomfort from the swelling.

  • Warm chamomile tea bags can be placed on top of the eyes while they are shut. Let the eyes relax for 15 minutes as the tea provides soothing relief. Repeat the procedure every 2-4 hours. Green tea or black tea can be substitutes if there is no chamomile tea.
  • To wipe off the discharge or crust from the eyes, use cotton balls dipped in warm water.
  • If the person can endure it, a solution of warm water mixed with honey can be used as eye drops.
  • Place hot compress as often as needed for quick relief from itching and inflammation.
  • Boric acid or castor oil is often used as eye drops as well.
  • Doctors may prescribe antihistamine pills or eye drops if allergens are found to be the cause.

Natural Remedies for Pink Eye in Adults

  • Another safe and gentle cleaning agent used to wipe heavily-encrusted eyes is a solution made from water and baby shampoo. Apply it with cotton ball onto the corners to clean the eyes.
  • Salty water solution can kill the bacteria. Soak cotton pads with the solution and let it rest on closed eyes for five minutes.
  • Isolate the patient from other members of the household to prevent the spread of the infection. Clean surfaces of kitchen counters and bathroom to remove traces of bacteria.
  • Rest the eyes completely to avoid strain that can contribute to more infection. Minimal exposure to reading, computers and television is advised.

Early Symptoms of Conjunctivitis in Adults

Conjunctivitis in adults can be categorized into three types namely bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis, which are all diagnosed from the following common symptoms:

  • Itching, redness, excessive tearing and runny nose
  • Heavy green discharge and crusting
  • Excessive watering with light discharge

Preventing Pink Eye in Adults

  • Always make sure the hands are clean. Wash regularly.
  • Avoid rubbing and touching the eyes.
  • Keep homes and schools clean, especially bathroom fixtures and kitchen furnishings.

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