Causes and Home Treatment for Floaters in Eye

Facts About Floaters in Eye

  • Floaters that cloud the vision are tiny specks that come in gray or white color that follow a person’s line of sight.
  • Aside from specks, floaters can appear like strings or cobwebs as well.
  • It happens when the microscopic fibers inside the vitreous humor form a clump and create shadows in the retina.
  • Experiencing floaters is one of the common reasons people are prompted to see an ophthalmologist.
  • If there is sudden increase of floaters, consult an eye specialist for proper medical advice.
  • Diagnosis of floaters is done by a doctor who observes the dilated pupils through bright lights from a special apparatus called ophthalmoscope. If any abnormalities are clearly seen, course of treatment is advised.

What Causes Floaters in Eye

Floaters may appear for a variety of reasons. Some causes may bring a few risks.

  • Eye floaters are mostly caused by maturity when the vitreous humor turns more liquid-like as a person ages.
  • When humans are born, the jelly-like substance in the eyes softens, which is common among people in their 50s.
  • Eye abnormalities may cause floaters, such as red blood cells from a hemorrhage due to an injury, retinal tear or eye surgery.
  • Inflammation can produce white blood cells within the vitreous humor.
  • Some eye conditions are linked to floaters including retinal tears, retinal detachment, advanced levels of nearsightedness, tuberculosis, syphilis and toxoplasmosis.
  • People are likely prone to floaters, especially those who underwent major eye operations like cataract removal and laser surgery.

Eye Floaters Home Treatment

Most floaters are harmless, causing only annoyance. They will eventually disappear and become less troublesome, but a few home treatments can be taken as relief from the discomfort.

  • Vitamins and minerals like taurine, magnesium, selenium, lutein, ginkgo, bilberry and lysine have properties that enhance eye health. Herbal supplements like licorice and ginger are also good for the vision.
  • Epidemiologists see the connection of extensive computer use with increased risk in eye conditions through which floaters can manifest. Thus, limited exposure to computers can help to decrease the occurrence of floaters.
  • Alternative therapies like yoga and reflexology can alleviate floaters and provide temporary relief.
  • Eyes with floaters can benefit from relaxation techniques. One of the best ways is rubbing both palms to create natural heat, then putting them on the eyes for a few seconds.

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