6 Reasons of Oily Eyelids: 7 Home Remedies to Get Rid of

An eyelid is thin protective fold of skin that covers the eyes. The eyelid skin is similar to other skin area, but it is thinner and it has more pigment cells. The skin of eyelid contains sweat glands. In fact it contains large amount of sebaceous glands that secrete oil to keep the eye lashes and margin of eyelids well lubricated.

Normally eyelids are dry but in many people this may not be the case. Their eyelids can be oily, this occurs particularly in women. Although oily eyelids is not dangerous or life threatening, this may be a cosmetic issue especially for women who apply eye shadows and eyeliners. Oily eyelids can spoil entire look of the face. If you are suffering from oily eyelids, there are several home remedies that may help to deal with this problem.

Causes of oily eyelids:

There are many reasons for oily eyelids:

  1. The eyelids contain large amount of oil glands. If they become overactive for any reason, it may cause the eyelids to become oily.
  2. An oily eyelid is especially common in women. They often suffer from hormonal fluctuations. It is one of the reasons for excess production of sebum or oil in the glands all over skin, including eyelids.
  3. Eating too much of oily food can also lead to increased secretion of sebum in the eyelids.
  4. Oily eyelids are commonly associated with seborrheic dermatitis. It is a chronic skin condition affecting nose, eyelids, and forehead, known as T zone.
  5. Increased stress level can have a role to play in oily eyelids. When you are too much stressed at workplace or at home, the testosterone level increases. This can stimulate increased secretion of oil in the skin. This is why acne starts to creep up when you are stressed. It can also worsen oiliness on the eyelids.
  6. If you are washing your face frequently with a cleanser or soap, this may increase secretion of oil in the oil glands of the eyelids.

Home remedies for oily eyelids:

Here are some of the frequently used natural remedies for oily eyelids that you can try:

  1. Honey: Honey has natural ingredients that help the skin to stay dry. Apply thin layer of honey over the eyelid before retiring to bed. Rinse your face with cool water in the morning. After a period of time, you will notice the oiliness on eyelids has completely vanished.
  2. Egg White: The white of an egg is miraculous natural remedy for getting rid of oiliness from the eyelids. It cleanses the extra greasiness from eyelids after one application. The added advantage is it eye appear fresh and bright.
  3. Cucumber: Place cool cucumber slice over the eyelids at least for 15 to 20 minutes daily. It absorbs all oiliness and greasiness present on the eyelid.
  4. Cotton towel: After cleaning the face with soap or a cleanser, gently dab your eyelids with a cotton cloth. It helps in removing all greasiness over it as compared to synthetic material.
  5. Potato: Place potato slice over the eyelids if you want to remove excess of oiliness from the eyelids. Potatoes also help to reduce puffiness of eyes. Preferably use cold slices from refrigerator.
  6. Eat vegetables: Eat vegetables and fruits daily if you have oily eyelids. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables help to reduce oiliness on eyelid skin.
  7. Yoga and meditation: If stressed, practice yoga and meditation daily. It will be beneficial for your overall well being.