Causes of Green and Yellow Pus Coming Out of Eye

Pus Coming Out of Eye

  • The condition is caused by several factors. These factors may include underlying medical conditions, pollutants in the environment or infection. Conjunctivitis is considered as the most common medical condition that causes pus to come out of the eye.

  • Generally, the pus that comes out which usually takes a greenish or yellowish color is not harmful and can be removed completely with the use of home remedies.

    Good examples of these include hot and cold compress, artificial tears, and properly washing the eyes with mild soap or shampoo.

  • There are times when pus is accompanied by other symptoms which would need medical treatment. These symptoms include itching, thick consistency of pus or discharge, severe pain of the eyes, decreased visions, and sensitivity to light. Without any medical intervention serious eye problems can arise including a big possibility of experiencing blindness.

  • Treatment that are commonly done when other symptoms appear or when the condition worsens include antihistamine drops or ointments and antibiotic eye drops.

Yellow Pus Coming Out of Eye Causes

Below are some of the factors that cause yellow pus to come out from the eyes.

  • Conjunctivitis, canaliculitis, corneal ulcer, dacryoadenitis, dacryocystitis, scleritis, uveitis, keratitis, sympathetic ophthalmitis, and blepharitis. These conditions happen in several parts of the eye and usually involve inflammation which causes pus to come out.

  • Steven-Johnson’s Syndrome

  • Allergic reactions which can include seasonal reactions like hay fever.

  • Infections that are caused by bacteria and virus.

  • Chemicals that can irritate the eyes like cosmetics.

  • Environmental pollutants like cigarette smoke and smoke coming from large factories.

  • Dry Eyes

Green Pus Coming Out of Eye Causes

The color of pus that comes out of the eye or any part of the body is usually colored yellow. There are some microorganisms though that can make the color turn green and this usually happens when there is an infection.

  • Bacterial conjunctivitis is the major cause of the condition. The pyogenic bacteria or bacteria that produce pus is behind the infection and can also cause eye irritation and redness.

  • Canaliculitis, corneal ulcer, dacryoadenitis, and dacryocystitis.

  • Air pollutants like vehicle emission and cigarette smoke along with chemicals from cosmetics and swimming pools.

  • Allergic Reactions. These include reactions to particles in the surroundings and certain foods that have been ingested.

  • Viral and bacterial infections.

  • Other conditions that cause yellow pus to come out from the eyes can also cause green pus to come out. Steven-Johnson’s Syndrome and dry eyes are among these conditions.

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