What are the Causes of Recurrent Styes and Its Effective Treatment

Recurrent Styes

Styes resemble the appearance of a pimple but these only grow in the eyelids. Usually, these are harmless and would fade away in a matter of few days. A stye is a tiny swelling on the inside or outside part of the eyelid and is also called hordeolum. This develops when an eyelash follicle has been blocked with bacteria, dirt or excess oils. In addition to this, it can be a complication of stress or blepharitis.

People suffering from stye can experience redness, itchiness, tenderness and pain in the affected eye. The involved eye would also water often. Recurrent styes are often due to bacteria that have not been managed accordingly.

Causes of Recurrent Styes

It is of great importance to know the causes of recurrent styes for their proper treatment. The following are the usual causes of these:

  • Bacteria buildup. Styes occur when bacteria get into the oil gland, just like pimples in other face areas. However, these only arise in single location and that is in the area where lashes grow at the end of the eyelids. It is important not to pop this out or apply any acne medication.
  • Presence of staphylococcus due to poor hygiene. Staphylococcus is the most primary reason for recurring styes. And their presence is due to poor hygienic practices such as using of old cosmetic products, wearing makeup overnight, or not washing or disinfecting hands when handling or touching the eyes.
  • Blepharitis. This can be benign or malignant and can affect the eyelid leading to the appearance of styes. It is one common eye problem that has a negative effect on the oil glands, bringing about irritation, inflammation and itching in the eyelids. And those who have this are likely to acquire styes.

Recurrent Styes Treatment

Usually, styes are self-limiting. Meaning, they can heal by themselves in just a couple of days. Thus, no complicated treatment methods are needed to manage these. In case of recurrent styes, it helps to apply warm compress on the affected area for about 10 minutes. And this has to be done three times daily until discomfort and annoying symptoms fade away.

Styes do not usually cause problems with one’s vision. Also, in most instances, they rupture on their own. So, never attempt to burst off the pimple-like structure.

In recurring styes, it helps to apply antibiotic drops or ointment as the bacteria might still be thriving in the eyelid causing the stye to occur then and again. However, one must consult an eye doctor prior to applying any medicated solution in the eyes.

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