Causes and Treatment to prevent Red Swollen Eye in Infant

Red swollen eyes in infant and baby symptoms typically indicate a condition called neonatal conjunctivitis. It occurs when the tissue lining of the baby’s eyelids becomes red and swollen.

Red Swollen Eye Causes

  • When a baby’s tear ducts are blocked, it could result to irritation for the eyes and the lids.
  • Viral or bacterial infection usually causes red swollen eye in babies.
    This is highly serious matter, especially if the infection comes from the mother who has sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia and gonorrhea. Such bacterial infections can cause some serious damage to the baby’s eyes.
  • Bacteria normally thriving in the mother’s vagina can cause red swollen eyes as well.
  • Redness and puffy appearance of the eyes can also indicate allergic reaction towards allergens in the baby’s environment or belongings.

Red Swollen Eye Treatment

  • If the source of irritation came from the eye drops given at birth, the redness may subside on its own.
  • To alleviate symptoms due to blocked tear ducts, a warm gentle massage between the nasal area and the eye can offer relief. If this is not effective, a round of antibiotics can be dispensed through intravenous method.
    Surgery may be required if there is no improvement in the baby’s eyes as he turns 1 year old.
  • Warm compress placed above the eye area of the baby can relieve the irritation and swelling.
  • For herpes infection, special eye drops with antiviral qualities can be used.
  • Bringing the baby to the doctor’s clinic is imperative to reducing the chances to develop into a full-blown eye disease for the baby.
  • Immediate care and attention can treat red swollen eye in no additional time at all.

Prevention of Swollen Red Eye

  • As the possibility of transmitting the viral infection from the mother to the child is highly likely, the pregnant woman must be treated for STDs.
  • The mother undergoes cesarean section when she suffers from active herpes sores during the time of the pregnancy, to reduce the chances of the baby coming in contact with the virus from the vaginal area.
  • Most hospitals are bound by state laws to put eye drops in a newborn’s eyes as protection from any infection or disease.
  • Preventing eye infection in babies can put a stop to risky complications such as corneal scarring, blindness, pneumonia, inflammation of the iris and perforation of the cornea.

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