How To Stop Right Eye From Twitching or Blinking & What are Its Causes

Right Eye Twitching

  • Eye twitching is a condition affecting millions of individuals each year. This is medically known as blepharospasm which is characterized by intermittent contraction of the muscles surrounding the eye.

  • This is the unusual involuntary spasms of the eyelids. Others call it eye spasms, hemifacial spasms, and blinking disorder.

  • There are several types of this and others are more severe. Though this can simply be a nuisance to some, those who are suffering from Tourette’s syndrome or other related conditions can experience severe eye blinking problems which may need intensive care.

  • Individuals suffering from blepharospasm initially manifest eyelid blinking with irritation in the eye. This can be due to over fatigue or exposure to very bright lights.

  • The frequency can vary daily and relief from this can be experienced at night when sleeping.

Right Eye Twitching Causes

  • Causes of twitching in the right eye vary significantly. Some can be less serious while others are severe.

    • Fatigue and stress: When the body experiences too much pressure and stress, the eye muscles are worn out. This results to spasms and twitching.

    • Inadequate rest and sleep: The eyes get tired when a person lacks sleep. This triggers muscle spasms leading to eye twitching.

    • Dry eyes: The eyes become dry when people age or when working for long hours in front of the computer, causing spasms.

    • Strain in the eye: This can occur when a person works hard all day long in front of the computer, uses TV for long hours or reads in a place with no adequate lighting. Changes in eyesight can also cause eyestrain.

  • Other possible causes are genetic predisposition, neurologic problems, too much caffeine in the body, alcohol intake and injury to the cornea.

How to Stop Right Eye from Twitching

  • When the twitching in the right eye is mild, it can be remedied at home. Applying cold or warm compress in the right eye can provide relief.

  • Having enough hours of sleep can reduce the levels of stress which also provides rests to the eye muscles. Thus, twitching in the eye can be minimized.

  • Decreasing intake of caffeine and alcohol can also remedy the occurrence of right eye twitching.

  • In case the twitching becomes serious, then consulting a physician is necessary to obtain appropriate treatment. The doctor can prescribe medications including eye drops, tranquilizers and anti-epileptic drugs. In more serious cases, Botox can be directly injected into the right eyelid.

  • When medication fails to provide relief, surgical intervention may be necessary.

  • However, treating the root cause is the primary concern to completely eradicate this symptom.

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