What Causes Sore Eyes? Symptoms And Remedies For Sore Red Eyes

Eye is one of the most used and important organ of the body. Soreness of the eyes is one of the most common eye complaints which is accompanied with other symptoms like redness, burning and itching in the eyes. There are several causes ranging for over-strain and exertion to bacterial infection of the eye that can lead to soreness of the eyes.

The symptoms associated with the different causes are often different and the treatment would depend upon the cause. However here are some simple home remedies and natural suggestions to treat soreness of the eyes.

Causes Of Soreness Of The Eyes

There are several factors that can contribute to soreness of the eyes. Some of the common causative factors associated with sore eyes include,

  • Exertion due to overuse: When you spend prolonged periods of time in front of the computer screen, television, etc or work in dim light, it tends to put additional strain on to the eyes, resulting in soreness and irritation.
  • Bacterial infection or conjunctivitis is a common infection of the eyes which is associated with soreness of the eyes.
  • Injury or trauma, direct or indirect can result in soreness and bruised sensation in the eye.
  • Soreness in the eyes can often be a symptom that can be associated with flu, pyrexia, dehydration, etc.
  • Other local condition like inflammation of the eyelids, stye, chalazion, etc can also lead to soreness in the eyes.

Sign And Symptoms Of Sore Eyes

Some of the common symptoms associated with soreness in the eyes include the following,

  • Sensation of burning which may be associated with tiredness of the eyes.
  • Excessive wateriness of the eyes is also one of the indications of sore and tired eyes.
  • Redness of the eyes with burning sensation aggravated on straining and relieved on closing the eyes for longer periods is also a symptom associated with sore and tired eyes.
  • Occasionally sore eyes may also be accompanied with haziness and blurring of vision.
  • Soreness of eyes associated with bacterial or viral conjunctivitis may be associated with severe pain and pricking sensation.
  • Deficiency of vitamin A is also considered to result in soreness and burning in the eyes.

While the severity of these symptoms can vary depending on the cause, some of these symptoms are present in most cases of sore eyes.

Home Remedies For Sore Red Eyes

There are several natural treatment options for the management of sore eyes. Some of the most beneficial and profoundly used are,

  • Apply a slice of cucumber on the eyes for about 30 minutes. This helps soothe the burning sensation and also relaxes the eyes.
  • Soak cotton balls in rose water and place it on your eyes. This is also known to have calming and relaxing effect on the eye. This helps relieve the burning and watery sensation in the eyes.
  • Place moist chamomile teabags or green tea bags on the eyes, after soaking them in warm water for a while. This helps reduce itching and is very effective in reducing redness of the eyes.
  • ┬áHomeopathic drugs like Euphraisa are considered to have a strong effect on sore eyes. It stimulates the natural production of tears and helps lubricate eyes and prevent soreness.

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