Symptoms of Sunburned Eyes and Its Home Treatments

Sunburned Eyes

The sun is an important source of Vitamin D for every person. Although it plays a vital role in giving substantial vitamin, it can also destroy the skin which is the most exposed part of the body. By staying out too long under the scorching heat of the sun, the skin gets burned causing it to darken.

It can be easily noticed the moment the pigment of the skin turns darker and darker. A lot of people can notice getting skin sunburn but not all realize that the eyes can also get burned too. Commonly, the UV Rays emitted by the sun creates harmful effects that can destroy not only skin properties but both eyes as well.

Among the numerous parts in our body, the eyes play a sensitive part. If you tend to stay out too long under the sun, chances are you might get your eyes sunburned. A person can feel the skin getting sunburned but cannot feel the same happening to the eyes. As mentioned, UV Rays can cause sunburned eyes and repeatedly exposing it to the sun can cause permanent damage that may lead to getting blind.

Sunburned Eyes Symptoms

Sunburned eyes are caused by too much exposure under the sun. Light eye sunburn shows off symptoms hours after staying out too long especially during middays where the sun is at its highest. A person can determine if the eyes were sunburned through the following symptoms:

  • Dryness of the eye.

  • Eyes getting itchy and tearing.

  • Eyes turning red and having sensitivity too shiny things.

The longer the eyes are exposed to the sun, the more severe the results are. Conditions such as Photokeratitis or otherwise known as snow blindness may occur.

What are the Treatment for Sunburned Eyes

Getting treatment for sunburned eyes may vary on how severe the burn is. For light eye sunburn, a person may utilize home remedies readily available in the house which include,

  • Wearing of UV sun glasses every time the sun is at its highest if you are outside.

  • Caps and sun hats can also protect the eyes from getting heavy skin and eye sunburn from UV Ray emission.

  • Contact lenses used should also have UV protection to prevent the eyes from getting sun burned.

  • Apply creams and lotions with SPF to have the skin in the area of your eye protected from direct sunlight.

  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Keep the eyes always clean by washing with clear water.

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