How Much Does TLC Laser Eye Surgery Cost & Its Possible Complications?

Laser eye surgery is among the safest and most effective tools in correcting many eye problems. However, not all surgeries end up well. Thus, to keep errors and problems to a minimum (or none at all), it is best to choose the clinic with qualified and experienced doctors. It is also a good idea to choose the clinic with a wide range of FDA-approved equipment.

TLC Laser Eye Surgery

  • In its goal to provide the best laser eye treatments for patients, the center offers the latest top-of-the-line medical equipment.
  • There are many different laser eye treatment procedures being offered at this center. Among these are:
    • LASIK.
    • Custom LASIK or Wave-front LASIK.
    • Bladeless LASIK, also called as IntraLase.
    • PRK or photorefractive keratectomy.
  • The center has branches all over the country. In fact, most of the states have at least 1 TLC laser eye center and it is easy to find the clinic.
  • All TLC centers have board-certified physicians as well as FDA-approved medical equipment to ensure that patients will have the best options possible.

TLC Laser Eye Surgery Cost

  • The cost of the laser surgery will largely depend on the kind of treatment that the patient chooses or needs.
  • The extent of the problem will also determine the cost as well as if the treatment was made on just 1 eye or both.
  • There are also other factors to consider, including doctor’s fees, clinic charges, and other fees.

How Much Does TLC Laser Eye Surgery Cost

  • Not all patients are ideal candidates for a certain type of surgery so the doctors at the center will first evaluate the patient to help choose the best surgery option.
  • To determine the cost of the surgery, visit the center for a quote.

Possible Laser Eye Surgery Complications

TLC laser surgery has a high rate of success, however possible complications brought about by laser eye surgery may occur to just about any patient.

  • Overcorrection or undercorrection of the eye may occur depending on how the eye responds to the laser surgery.
  • Possible decreases in the corrected vision since some patients have difficulty in adapting to the best corrected vision resulting in more problems than before the surgery.
  • It is possible that the effect of the surgery is lost gradually post-surgery.
  • Problems encountered with the procedure. This happens when the patient is dissatisfied with the corrected vision.

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