Uneven Eyelids Causes: Natural Ways to Fix This

Uneven eyelids are not uncommon but as it is subtle in most people, it may be difficult for the person or the observer to notice it. However, there are people among whom eyelid asymmetry is quiet obvious. This may become more apparent during facial gestures like smiling or when the eyes are too tired.

When the asymmetry is apparent, it can make the person feel frustrated and more self-conscious. Eyelid asymmetry can be caused due to many factors. It can due to temporary as in case of lack of sleep, water retention or can be caused as a result of permanent cause as in case of facial paralysis causing droop eyelid, thyroid disease, inheritance or post surgery etc. Most of the temporary causes can be fixed with simple non surgical means. If the asymmetry is since long time or permanent, it can be hidden with precise eyelid surgery.


Eyelid asymmetry can be cosmetic annoyance for many sufferers. There are several causes that may be responsible for it. In some cases the condition can be reversed without any surgical intervention while some patients where the deformity is more obvious, it may need surgical repair.

Here are few important causes that may cause uneven eyelids:

  • Lack of sleep: Your eyelids become swollen and uneven if you have not slept for many hours.
  • Fatigue: Your eyes can become fatigued and tired if you keep focusing for many hours on one activity such as reading a book, watching TV, driving for long distance, studying under dim light etc. This can result in temporary swelling and unevenness of eyelids.
  • Excessive salt: Eating too much of salty food in dinner can cause retention of fluid in the body, including eyelids. Swollen eyelids can make the size of your eye appear uneven.
  • Ptosis of eyelid: Paralysis or ptosis of eyelid can cause droopy eyelids. For eg in case of one-sided facial paralysis in Bell’s palsy. In such case one eye appears smaller than the other due to asymmetry in the eyelid.
  • Upper eyelid retraction: Retraction of upper eyelid can cause uneven eyelid. In such case one eye appears bigger than the other. Possible causes are thyroid disease, after eye surgery. Some people may have inherited this altered state of eyelid since birth.
  • Uneven eyebrow: Even asymmetrical eyebrow can make eyelids appear uneven.

How to fix uneven eyelids:

  • Many people seek treatment for their uneven eyelids. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. Some underlying causes such as lack of sleep just need adequate sound sleep for few days to fix the annoying asymmetrical problem of the eyelid. In some cases person has to reduce over straining his eyes. Eat less salty food at night. Natural remedy such as applying egg white around the eyelids or placing cold cucumber slice for few minutes daily will help to reduce eye fatigue and strain.
  • Aside from the above corrective measures to fix eyelid unevenness, patient can make use of cosmetic beauty products to camouflage asymmetry. Eye shadows, eye liners, mascara on eyelash, can make the eyelids look symmetrical. Use of eyelid tape is also beneficial as it holds the upper eyelids if they are droopy. This tape is thin and colorless and hence they are not noticeable to others.
  • If all the conservative measures fail, surgery may be necessary to resolve asymmetry of eyelids. This must be kept as the last option by the person.