Are there any Ways to Restore Eyesight Naturally

You may be tired of wearing those thick glasses or the contact lens for which you have to take utmost care while wearing it. But you cannot do anything; without which you will not be able to see clearly.

In today’s scenario, we spend lot of our time working with a computer or watching T V, or reading books.

These all activities are related to near vision. Due to this our eyes get trained to see short distance objects and find difficulty in watching long distance objects clearly. But if you are eager to find how to restore eyesight naturally there are ways which when followed will effectively improve your vision.

Restore Eyesight Naturally

To improve vision naturally, a person has to do some eye exercise, eat right food and relax from stress.

Remove your spectacles. This sounds odd, but it is one way to restore your eye sight naturally. The spectacles may be worn only for the purpose of work and household activities. It should be left of during your leisure time and when doing eye exercise.

Even if the glasses are left off for few hours each day, it will enable the eyes to begin to act naturally and after couple of weeks you will be surprised to find improvement in your vision.

The first exercise that you have to do is known as palming: it is simple, the main purpose of this exercise is to relax the strained muscle of the eyes. Sit in a relaxed position, then close your eyes and cover them with your palm. Let both palms slightly cup leaving space for the nose to breathe easily. Do not press on the eyes. Sit for 10 minutes, in this way the eye is rested effectively more than any other method. Together with the eye, the mind should also get rest; let it wonder over all sorts of pleasant and interesting subjects. If this method of palming or relaxation is followed routinely, it will be a greatest asset to restore eyesight naturally.

Blinking consciously is another effective measure that breaks up the strain. Learn to blink once or twice in every ten seconds, even when you are reading or working with a computer. The eyes will not be tired of reading.

Sunshine is valuable to improve vision naturally. The best way is to close your eyes and face the sun for ten minutes. This method allows the blood to circulate in the eyes efficiently and relaxes the muscles and nerves of the eyes.

Cold water: splash the cold water on to your eyes smartly not violently. Repeat it for five to ten times, and then rub the closed eye briskly for a minute to dry it. This will make the eyes glow and tone the eyes. Following it regularly helps to improve your vision naturally.

Gently move your eyes up till you can observe and now move your eyes slowly down and look at your feet. Do not strain your eyes while doing this exercise.

Besides exercise, diet plays an important part. Eat food which are rich in vitamins and minerals and avoid refined food. Especially to improve vision, you must eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A. Carrots, cod liver oil, raw calf liver, turnip tops, dried apricots, cream cheese, margarine, egg yolk, prunes and tomato, watercress, soya beans, cabbage, pasteurized milk, dates.

Eat bilberry extract, it is said that eating bilberry improves your eyesight.

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