Benefits Of Vegetable Glycerin For Natural Hair And How To Use It?

Vegetable glycerin is a naturally occurring compound which has a property of retaining water which makes it useful as a moisturizing or moisture retaining agent. In addition glycerin has several other properties which make it most suitable for hair care and hence it is used in a wide range of cosmetic products.

As vegetable glycerin is useful in keep the hair hydrated, it is considered very effective in treating hair damage.

Glycerin is one of the most important ingredients of creams, lotions, liquid soaps, moistening creams, etc. Glycerin is so commonly used as it has hygroscopic property i.e. it can absorb moisture from the surrounding. While hydration is important properties of glycerin, its ability to dissolve promptly in water or alcohol also makes it easily usable and hence is used in several  hair care products. Vegetable glycerin is derived from vegetable oil and is a food grade product.

Benefits Of Glycerin For Natural Hair Care

Here are some important benefits of glycerin for hair care,

  • Glycerin has an ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding, which is considered to be beneficial to maintain hydration of the scalp, hair and skin.
    Glycerin is hence useful to treat brittle, dry and frizzy hair. It makes the hair look shiny, healthy and dark.
  • Glycerin is also used to promote hair growth. Application of glycerin on the scalp prevents flaking and formation of dandruff, which in turn promotes hair growth.
  • Further, glycerin also helps strengthen hair, reduces its tendency to breakage and also reduces the occurrence of split hairs.
  • Regular use of glycerin makes the hair voluminous and bouncy. This is considered to be very useful for individuals with curly hair.

How To Use Vegetable Glycerin For Hair Growth?

Here are some simple tips to use vegetable glycerin for hair and enhance hair care,

  • Vegetable glycerin can be mixed with essential oils or other carrier oils to enhance its efficacy. These natural blends are considered to have soothing and calming effect on the scalp and also improve hair growth.
  • Vegetable glycerin can be mixed with Aloe Vera juice along with a few drops of essential oil. Once the mixture is prepared, freeze the mixture and apply it on the scalp and hair for two to three days.
  • Make your hair moist. Now massage the scalp with vegetable glycerin and keep it on for a couple of minutes. Wash off the scalp with plain water. This technique will improve the texture of the hair and make them softer.
  • You can also add vodka to vegetable glycerin to increase its shell life.

While using glycerin for hair is considered safe, there are certain precautionary measures that you need to be aware of,

  • Avoid using glycerin if you live in an extremely dry place. In such situations, glycerin may actually absorb moisture from the surrounding hair strands or the scalp resulting in blisters and damaging the skin further. Use jojoba oil along with glycerin in very dry weather.
  • Applying glycerin for long duration of time can be harmful. Ideally apply glycerin and then rinse the hair with plain water within a few minutes.

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