How to Fix or Prevent Green Hair from Chlorine Contact?

Green Hair from Chlorine

In contrast to what many people believe, it is not chlorine that causes hair to turn green when swimming in a pool or getting a spa. Chlorine is a bleaching agent with effects to whiten, removes stains and kills microorganisms.

Copper on the other hand is capable of turning hair into green.

It can get into the pool in several ways. First, it can be obtained from drinking tap or source water. Thus, each time this kind of water is added due to evaporation, more copper is added. Since copper does not go away on its own, it builds up.

Second, many algaecides have copper as their active ingredient. The copper in algaecides has a special ingredient called chelating which prevents it from staining vessels and people. Third copper gets into the pool from equipment like copper pipes, heater headers, heater heat sinks, bronze or brass pump parts like impellers, metals, filters and volute assemblies.

Green Hair from Chlorine Removal

  • To prevent copper from getting into one’s hair, apply hair conditioner before swimming or having a pre-shower before immersing into the pool.

  • Another option is to use clarifying shampoo for copper buildup.

  • If the hair is already green, apply tomato paste throughout the hair and leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing.

  • Applying soda onto the hair after swimming is also effective. Just add a tablespoon of soda to a regular shampoo and wash the hair regularly followed by hair conditioner. This will effectively keep the hair from turning green and prevent the copper to buildup.

How to Fix Green Hair from Chlorine

If the hair is already green, there are many natural ways to turn it back to normal. These treatments include the following:

  • Use a clarifying shampoo and rinse it with tomato soup in cans that are available in groceries.

  • Prepare a can of soda and mix it with a squirt of lemon juice. Pour this mixture into the green hair, making the entire head saturated. Cover the head with a processing cap and leave the mixture on for 12 minutes. Rise with cool water. Apply a regular conditioner and rinse again.

  • Prepare a few squirts of liquid dishwashing detergent and mix it with a scoop of baking soda on a bowl. Add a tablespoon of baking powder. Apply onto hair and leave for 20 minutes. Rise with cool water and apply conditioner and rinse again.

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