Hair Growth On Forehead: Causes And Home Remedies To Stop It

Healthy growth of hair on scalp is defining physical attribute which adds confidence in many people. However, unwanted hair in certain areas of the body can be quiet distressing, especially when the hair grows on forehead. While smooth and shiny forehead can have mesmerizing effect on others, tiny growth of hair on forehead can play the spoil sport.

Many women feel embarrassed when they have hair on their forehead, often affecting their self esteem. This problem is common among women. Women seek various methods to remove the growth of baby hair on the sides of temple or on the hairline. Several options are available; some women prefer simple home measures such as tweezing to remove stray hair on forehead, while many others may choose to visit a dermatologist for laser treatment to get rid of unwanted forehead hair.

What Causes Hair Growth On Forehead?

While luxurious hair growth on head adds up to women’s beauty, unwanted hair on forehead can be a concern as it diminishes the facial photo frame. Dense hair is attributed to genetics, especially the growth on the sides of the forehead. If your mother or father has increased hair on forehead, probably you may also have unsightly hair on forehead.

Hair growth is also related to hormones. Testosterone plays an important role in hair growth, especially in respect of thickness and density. Testosterone is majorly a male hormone, women have less of this. However, in some women the hormone is in excess. These women are prone to have coarse and dense hair at unwanted places such as over the lip, chin and even sometimes on the forehead. The condition among women in medical parlance is called Hirsutism.

Excess of hair growth on forehead and elsewhere on the body is also associated with PCOS, which many women suffer from. Excess growth may also occur among women who are in their menopausal age. Certain medications, especially steroids if taken for a long time are known to trigger excess of hair. It is one of the side effects of this medicine.

Home Remedies To Remove Hair From Forehead

There are several home remedies available to get rid of forehead hair.

  • Threading is the easiest way to remove stray forehead hair. The procedure is simple for anyone to do. Although threading is painful for the time being, it is the surest way to get rid of unwanted hair from its root. Hair takes longer time to grow once it is removed with threading.
  • Prepare a paste by mixing sugar, water and lemon juice. Apply it over the forehead. Let it remain till the paste becomes dry. Wash your forehead. Do the procedure once in a week. It is an effective home remedy to remove hair from forehead.
  • Dry few orange peels. Grind them till it becomes powder. Add the prepared powder to one or two table spoons of yogurt. Apply the prepared mixture on forehead. Leave it until it is dry. Rinse the area with water. Follow this on alternate days for removal of stray hair present on the forehead.
  • A mixture of honey and lemon juice is a time tested home remedy to remove hair present on the forehead from its root. Apply the mask on the forehead and let it remain for 20 minutes. Wash your forehead with lukewarm water.

Laser and intense pulse light are dermatological procedures that are also quick and effective procedures to remove forehead hair.

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