Hairy Underarms Home Remedies and Effective Methods for Removal

Armpit hair refers to the hair that grows in the underarm area. This growth occurs in both men and women. It is common for men to keep their underarm hairs while it is common for women to keep their underarms hair-free.

Armpit hair starts to develop around puberty. The growth is not similar to all individuals.

Some individuals may experience a thick growth, patchy growth or thin growth. For women, there are many methods available to remove armpit hairs. A smooth, hair-free underarm allows women to wear clothing without the embarrassment of having to show their armpit hairs.

Hairy Underarms

Hairy underarms are more of a cosmetic problem. There are various reasons for removing underarm hairs and there are also just as many methods of removing them.

  • Underarm shaving. Shaving is one of the most common methods of removing underarm hair. A razor is easily accessible and affordable for many women.
  • Hair removal or depilatory creams. These creams are typically inexpensive and work chemically to soften hair follicles enough to be scraped off.
  • Hair waxing is a favorite method of underarm hair removal for many women because it takes longer for the underarm hair to grow back.
    Hair waxing can be done in spas or beauty salons although it is also available as an over-the-counter product.
  • Laser hair removal is among the most expensive types of underarm hair removal but also one of the most effective with hair growing back only after several months.
  • Other methods include electrolysis devices, epilators, modern or electric tweezers, and electric hair removal pads.

Hairy Armpit Home Remedies

Women with hairy armpits often resort to more frequent hair removal processes. This can cause various complications such as skin darkening, ingrown hair, skin irritation or rash. The following tips can help reduce complications from underarm hair removal.

  • When shaving, make sure to shave during a shower or after a hot shower.
  • Apply shaving gels or other alternative products that can aid in shaving underarm hair, helping to keep the skin moisturized.
  • Pat the skin dry after shaving.
  • Always use a sharp razor. Never use a blunt or frequently used razor to shave the underarms because there is an increased tendency that the dermal layer of the skin is shaved along with the hair.
  • Check that the wax is of the right temperature before applying to the skin to avoid burns.
  • Always test depilatory or hair removal creams first before applying it onto the underarms to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Always remove/shave hair in the direction of hair growth.

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