Home Remedies and Vitamins that help Grow Longer Hair

Long hair is easier to have for some than others. Some people may think that they do not have the right type of hair that can be worn long. But, with the right methods, hair can easily be grown to a desired length.

  • Hair is made up of keratin.
  • On average, a person grows around an inch or so of hair a month
  • Some people will grow hair faster than others and this is usually determined by genetics
  • Like the nails, it is a dead appendage with only the follicles receiving nourishment
  • Achieving long healthy hair can be a long process and will involve keeping healthy inside and out
  • Protecting the hair from the elements is also necessary if it is to be worn long

How to Grow Longer Hair with Home Remedies

Long hair needs to be healthy hair if it is to look good.

There is nothing worse than poorly taken care of hair with a lot of split ends and breakage. Here are some tips and home remedies that can help grow long hair.

Get a Trim Every 6 or 8 Weeks

  • A trim of 3/4’s of an inch or a bit less depending on the health of the hair, every 8 weeks can help make hair healthier
  • It is designed to prevent split ends and to get rid of existing ones
  • Hair needs to be bluntly cut for it to be healthy
  • Split ends expose too much of the hair’s core can lead to damage that climbs up the hair shaft
  • A stylist who specializes in caring for long hair can be approached to do the slight trim

Do Not Brush Hair When Wet

  • It is okay to brush hair when it is dry and tangle free
  • Do not brush hair when it is wet because it is prone to breakage at this point
  • Wet hair should be combed through with a wide-toothed comb

Keep Heat Styling to a Minimum

  • Avoid drying hair with blow dryers or irons.
  • Let it air dry whenever possible

Cut Down on Shampooing

  • Keep shampooing to a minimum and only shampoo hair when it is dirty.
  • This helps hair retain its natural oils and keeps it from drying out
  • Conditioning is also important

Which Vitamins Help to Grow Long Hair

There are certain vitamins that people can take if they want to have long healthy hair.

None of these vitamins are going to make hair grow longer though but they can help make hair that can withstand a longer length.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Zinc

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