Symptoms of Ingrown Hair On Pubic Area and Its Treatment

Women nowadays like to have a clean pubic area. A trim pubic area allows the woman to wear skimpy bikinis without worrying of any hairs popping out indecently and causing embarrassment. When shaving pubic hair, it is important to observe the same techniques as armpit shaving to avoid ingrown hairs from developing.

Ingrown Hair on Pubic Area

  • Refers to pubic hair that grown inside a hair follicle instead of growing out of it.

  • Results from improper pubic hair grooming techniques.

  • The most common culprit for ingrown pubic hairs is shaving but other methods such as waxing, tweezing, as well as use of depilatory products can cause ingrown hairs.

  • Other causes include tight underwear, tight jeans, dry skin, coarse and curly stiff hair, blocked hair follicles.

  • Ingrown hairs result when hair is cut too short or breaks off below the skin surface causing the hair to grow into the side of the follicle.

  • Not all people are prone to ingrown pubic hairs.

  • People with dark, coarse, as well as curly pubic hair are prone to developing ingrown hairs.

  • People of color are prone to ingrown pubic hairs as well.

Ingrown Hair on Pubic Area Symptoms

  • Ingrown hair in the pubic area presents as red bumps on the pubic area.

  • The growing hair may or may not be visible.

  • The bump is usually irritated and is very prone to infection.

  • When infected, the bump can become swollen and painful.

How to Treat Ingrown Hair on Pubic Area

There are various methods of treating ingrown hairs in the pubic or bikini area.

  • Apply warm compresses on the affected area until the ingrown hair surfaces. When a tiny hair appears, use sterilized tweezers to remove the hair then clean the affected area and apply antiseptic.

  • Use hair removal lotions. When applied, this can help dissolve ingrown hairs underneath the skin without causing any skin irritation.

  • Never attempt to pluck or squeeze out ingrown hairs that have not surfaced because this causes bleeding and scarring.

  • Prevention is the best treatment.

    • Practice proper technique for grooming pubic and bikini hair.

    • Use clean or sterilized equipment especially when using razors or tweezers.

    • Avoid using tight undergarments or jeans.

    • Wear cotton underwear.

    • Avoid skin exfoliation when there is a present ingrown pubic or bikini hair.

    • Use only products formulated or specialized for ingrown pubic or bikini hairs.

    • Do not use any products for removal of ingrown hair when genital acne is present.

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