Damaged Hair Repair and Conditioning with Protein in Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise for Hair

  • Mayonnaise is considered an intensive conditioner that helps give the hair a natural healthy glow.
  • Basic nutrient that has helped in making mayonnaise an excellent choice in hair repair is protein that is found in the eggs that are used as a basic ingredient.
  • Mayonnaise works by strengthening and then moisturizing damaged hair from the roots down to the tips of the hair making it look shiny.
  • Other essential ingredients that are found in mayonnaise that can help maintain a healthy hair include nettle, soybeans, amino acids, and safflower oil.
  • There are hair products that contain mayonnaise. Some have mayonnaise as main ingredients.

Mayonnaise for Hair Growth Remedy

Patients can use any kind of mayonnaise to promote hair growth. Some experts suggest that mayonnaise with greater amounts of fat works more effectively than those that are packaged with lesser amounts or those that are termed as low-fat mayonnaise. Below are the basic steps involved that will guide a patient in knowing how to apply mayonnaise as a conditioner.

  • First step to do is to wash hair with whatever kind of shampoo available.
  • After washing, towel-dry the hair.
  • Start with one tablespoon of mayonnaise and gently comb it into the hair from roots to tips.
    Patients should make sure that all strands have been covered while doing this procedure.
  • Let the mayonnaise stay on the hair for at least an hour. It is best to use a shower cap while letting the mayonnaise stay on the hair. For those severely damaged hair and dry hair, another hour should be added.
  • After an hour or two, wash hair with a shampoo that is considered to be gentle on the hair like a baby shampoo.
  • Last step is to comb hair and let it dry.

Mayonnaise for Hair Benefit

Mayonnaise offers several benefits to the hair. Some of these benefits are contributed by the main and basic ingredients that are used in making mayonnaise.

  • Mayonnaise, especially the rich protein source coming from the eggs that are used in making this product helps in moisturizing and strengthening damaged hair at its root cause which is within the hair shaft.
  • Mayonnaise can also help in mending ugly-looking split-ends.
  • This product gives the hair a good and healthy body allowing it to glow and shine.
  • Mayonnaise, especially those that are formulated for hair repair have essential oil ingredients amino acids that are organic which also adds strength and vitality to the hair.

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