Home Remedies and Simple Tips to Get Silky Hair Naturally

Silky Hair

Silky and shiny hair is a sign of health, plus it looks really nice. It can be achieved in number of ways. Even though bad hair days are inescapable, there are a number of techniques that can help a person get silky and healthy hair naturally.

Hair is made up of Keratin scales.

Silky, soft, and shiny hair occurs when the keratin scales are intact and aligned properly that they start to reflect light. Some people will naturally have good hair that is always shiny, full bodied, and silky.

How to Get Silky Hair Naturally

One of the best ways to get healthy hair is to keep physically fit and eat healthy. The keratin scales on the hair shaft are dead cells, like those on the fingernails. This means that already grown hair is no longer nourished by blood; however, by keeping healthy, a person makes sure that the new hair is as healthy as possible.

Here are some tips that can help hair get silky naturally.

  • Avoid Heat. Many people style their hair regularly with heat products. These dry out the hair leaving them dull and brittle. If needed, keep it to a minimum of two or three times a week. It is also important to use heat protect products.
  • Don’t Wash Hair Too Often. Unless it is absolutely necessary it is not recommended to wash hair everyday. This will allow the natural oils of the scalp to coat the hair making them shiny and silky. Of course, hair should not be allowed to go greasy either.
  • Condition. All-natural or the regular store bought kind, it does not matter. What matters is that conditioning is used. Do it after every wash, especially when using shampoo. 2-in-1 shampoos won’t work as well.
  • Deep Conditioning. Done at least once a week, this revitalizes hair. It can be done using natural ingredients found in the pantry.
  • Protect Hair from UV Rays. Wear a hat, scarf or use an umbrella when out in direct sunlight.

Silky Hair Home Remedies

There are a number of tried and tested home remedies that can help a person get silky hair. Some of these home remedies include

  • Mayonnaise Hair Mask. Homemade mayonnaise with real eggs, lemon juice, no salt, and maybe some cider vinegar works best. Avoid bottled products that are heavily salted as salt draws water out.
  • Avocado Mask. Helps make hair shine.
  • Raw Eggs. Can smell bad but leaves the hair shiny after a good rinse.
  • Warm Virgin Coconut Oil. Soaking hair in coconut oil and wrapping it in a warm towel for a few minutes can simulate a hot oil treatment.

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