Tips To Straighten Your Hair Naturally And Without Damaging Them

To straighten your hair is not a big task however it is a challenging job to straighten hair without damaging them. Many of us like to have straight hairs instead of that curly and thick mane. The easiest way to straighten the hairs at home is use of a flat iron.

Using flat iron to straighten the hairs is not suitable for every person.

It is not meant for those who have already damaged their hairs. If you are having healthy hairs here are some of the tips that can help to straighten them without causing any damage.

How To Straighten Hair Without Damaging It?

  • Before taking shower always brush your hairs.
  • If you are using flat iron to straighten your hairs, remember to wash your hairs with a mild shampoo to remove any dirt and chemicals stuck on the hair and its follicle. Also condition your hairs with a deep conditioner so that your scalp remains less oily. Rinse your hairs with cold water so that the hair follicles remain healthy. All these steps help to protect your hairs from damage while straightening the hairs.
  • Use a comb to remove hair tangles rather than a hair brush once you wash your hairs.
  • Dry your hairs by using a round brush and a blow dryer.
  • Clamp your hairs in sections before you start straightening. Section your hairs in 4 to 5 compartments. Clamps are used so that the hairs are held in place. Now dry the hairs from the bottom and move upwards while you pull the hair with round hair brush and dry them with a dryer. Dry your hairs completely with the hair dryer before using a flat iron for straightening your hairs.
  • Apply a hair serum or creams to protect your hair from damage before you straighten your hairs, blow dry them or use curling iron.
  • While using flat iron to straighten your hairs clamp it on a strand of hairs and slide it till the end of the hair. Sliding the iron slowly ensures an even straightening of hairs. Sometimes you may need to straighten them more than one time to get straight. Now take the next section and repeat the same procedure.
  • After finishing the procedure with one section you may need to apply a thin layer of cream or serum to that hair strand to replenish and hydrate it.
  • After finishing the straightening of hairs, do not forget to clean the flat iron once it has cooled.

In this way you can straighten your hair without damaging it.

Natural Way To Make Curly Hair Straight

Ways to straighten hair naturally without damaging:

  • To straighten your hairs naturally may be a difficult as well as time consuming task. Nevertheless, it might not be as similar to as it looks after you straighten your hairs with a flat iron.
  • Mix coconut milk and few drops of lemon juice. Now allow it to become thick in the refrigerator till it forms a cream. Apply the cream regularly on your hairs for few months and gradually your hairs will become straight.
  • You can also use mayonnaise for straightening curly hairs. Apply mayonnaise and coconut oil to your hairs from top to bottom and then mask it in hot water towel for half hour. Now rinse it with a shampoo and dry your hairs. Do it regularly to straighten your hairs without damaging them.

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