Benefits Of Eating Healthy Food: Advantages Of Regular Exercise

Consuming wholesome and healthy foods is a must for anyone, regardless of the lifestyle they live. Eating the right foods, in the right proportion assures you of a healthy mind and body and protection from illnesses. On the other hand, only eating healthy foods is not enough; you also need to include physical activity into each day, which is why exercising is also important.

Advantages Of Exercising Regularly

  • Weight management: Exercise prevents excess weight gain as well as helps maintain your weight loss. When you exercise on a regular basis, you burn calories. You don’t need to set aside a long interval for exercising to reap weight-loss benefits. Try to do 10 minutes of stretching everyday and get more active throughout the day in simple ways, such as, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and running around for your chores.
  • Prevents cardiac ailments: Exercising and being active increases the level of HDL or high density lipoprotein, i.e. the ‘good’ cholesterol and reduces the levels of triglycerides. This diminishes your risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Pep up energy levels: Exercise improves muscle strength, perks up stamina and boosts endurance levels significantly. Exercise delivers large amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and keeps the cardiovascular system working efficiently.
    When your heart and lungs work efficiently, you have more energy.
  • Mood management: Exercising helps blow off some steam and uplifts your mood appreciably. Physical activity enhances the level of neurotransmitters or brain chemicals which make you feel happy and relaxed.
  • Fights insomnia: Regular exercise helps you sleep well. But remember not to exercise too close to bedtime, or you’ll feel too energized to fall asleep.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Healthy Food?

  • Regularizes bowel movements: Eating wholesome and healthy foods makes bowel movement normal and regular; they increase the weight of your stool and reduce their transit time. Consequently, you won’t suffer from constipation, flatulence and bloatedness. What’s more your food plays a crucial role in preventing diseases of the stomach and colon.
  • Controls blood sugar levels: Nutritious foods slow down the absorption of sugar and help enhance serum glucose levels. A healthy diet reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • Decreases cholesterol levels: A wholesome diet lowers total serum cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure and consequently keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay.
  • Weight management: Wholesome high-fiber foods need more time for chewing and give your body time to understand when you have eaten enough and are no longer hungry, thus, you are less likely to overeat. Moreover, these foods help you to feel fuller for longer, providing greater satiety.
  • Prevents cancer: A ‘rainbow colored diet’ wards off most illnesses, especially lifestyle related illnesses. It even has the potential to stave off cancer. A healthy diet comprising of whole cereal, colored fruits and fresh vegetables offers the body a bust of anti oxidants. These anti oxidants are highly potent and they scavenge and annihilate free radicals which are capable of causing cancer.
  • Uplifts your mood: Certain foods have the capability of making you feel happy and cheerful; these are bananas, spinach, nuts, milk and eggs.
  • Healthy hair and skin: A healthy diet promises you luxuriant, long hair as well as a radiant, blemish-free glowing skin; and greatly slows down the process of ageing.

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