Benefits of Cutting out Caffeine: Effects of Stopping Caffeine

Benefits of Cutting Out Caffeine

Caffeine is an alkaloid found in coffee, tea, and chocolate. Effects of caffeine were noted as a stimulant to the central nervous system, increase blood pressure, and promote urine formation. It has also been associated to birth defects and as a possible cause of cancer.

And with all this facts being presented, it clearly shows that the benefits of cutting out caffeine are favorable. However, reports of headaches and migraine attacks were felt as withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

  • Keeps you stress free: Caffeine has been known to elevate stress levels and hormones. Tension and anxiety resulted from increased caffeine consumption. Gradually quitting can make you more stress free.
  • Helps you say goodbye to jitters: The central nervous system is highly stimulated with increased caffeine levels, thus making you feel anxious, nervous, and tensed. By slowly cutting out caffeine in your routine, you give yourself means of relaxation.
  • Gives you a good night’s sleep: When you are loaded with caffeine, you either get small amounts of sleep or no sleep at all.
    And poor sleeping patterns lower down energy levels making you feel easily tired and weak. The benefits of no caffeine give you a satisfying night rest.
  • Has adverse effects on the cardiovascular system: The cardiovascular system is highly stimulated by high amounts of caffeine resulting to palpitations and increased blood pressure.
  • Saves you from headaches: Caffeine causes vasoconstriction, which can precede headaches and episodes of migraines. Spare yourself from these discomforts by cutting down on your caffeine intake.

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