Benefits of Eating Hummus: Is Eating Hummus Daily Healthy

Benefits of Eating Hummus

Hummus originated in southwestern Asia. It is more of a dip or thick paste that is made of mashed chickpea, tahini, oil, lemon juice, and garlic. Today, however, it has undergone a lot of commercial modifications to suit the taste of the customers. Nevertheless, its traditional taste has been preserved as well as the health benefits of eating hummus.

With regards to nutrition, hummus has two contrasting ingredients: chickpeas, which is fat-free, and tahini, which is loaded with calories and fats. So is eating hummus healthy?

Health Benefits of Eating Hummus

  • Good for pregnant women: Hummus is rich in folic acid, a vitamin B complex that helps in the brain development of the fetus and promotes well-being for the mother.
  • It helps in getting a good mood and sleep: Large amount of tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine were found in hummus. These amino acids help in promoting well-rested sleep and uplift one’s mood; and so eating hummus everyday can lead to satisfying shut eye.
  • Aids in controlling glucose levels: Hummus has low glycemic value.
    This helps in controlling the increase of your glucose levels, which are beneficial to hyperglycemic patients.
  • A healthy heart and a sound mind: Omega-3 is an abundant fatty acid in hummus; this prevents cardiovascular diseases and sharpens your intelligence as well.
  • It prevents cancer: The compounds phytic acid and saponins helps defend cell from genetic damage that results in cancer. These compounds are largely found in beans and chickpeas, which is a primary ingredient in hummus.

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