Benefits of Eating Spicy Food: Does Spicy Food Expel Phlegm and Mucus?

Benefits of Eating Spicy Food

From the Japanese wasabi to the chili peppers of India to the cuisines in America and Europe, spicy food is something many people cannot do without. Is this good for the health? As many medical experts and culinary experts agree, there are many nutritional benefits that can be derived from eating spicy foods.

Benefits of Eating Spicy Food

  • Spicy foods are known expectorants. This allows the body to expel phlegm and mucus that may be clogging the air passages. The result is an improved breathing. This is good for people suffering from tuberculosis and asthma.
  • Endorphins and serotonins are some of the enzymes contained in spicy foods. Eating them is known to lift one’s mood.
  • Having sleep problems? Eating spicy foods are known to effectively regulate a person’s sleeping patterns.

Benefits of Eating Spicy Food

  • An improved circulation of blood in the body is one of the common results from eating spicy foods. Such foods are also rich in vitamins A and C that are effective in strengthening the walls of the artery.
  • Spicy foods are good in improving the health of the heart by reducing the occurrences of blood clots.

Side Effects of Spicy Food

  • Eating too many of spicy foods may trigger allergic reactions in the body. Such reactions commonly affect the lungs and the nose.
  • Many people are prone to developing hemorrhage from eating too much of spicy foods.
  • Too much of spicy foods may not be good for the liver as it may affect the proper breaking down of the body’s wastes.

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