Health Benefits Of Not Eating Refined Sugar: Natural Alternatives

Unhappily, sugar is a huge and permanent part of the diet of innumerable people. Desserts, confectionery and beverages cannot be enjoyed without a splash of sugar in them! On the other hand, people fail to realize that regular consumption of sugar (in the form of breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, biscuits, candies, aerated drinks, etc.) exerts potentially harmful effects on our body.

It is thus, very vital that we cut down our daily intake of sugar to a minimum; and also incorporate natural alternatives for this white poison.

Advantages Of Cutting Out Sugar

  • The most significant benefit of eliminating sugar from the diet is weight loss and fat burning. By staying away from sugar you can maintain an ideal body weight. Sugar makes the body stock up on fats. Those who find shedding weight difficult need to just steer clear of sugar laden foods to achieve the desired results.
  • Elimination of sugar reduces the risk of developing diabetes mellitus. You need to take extra care especially if there is a family history of diabetes.
  • Less sugar keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Eating too much sugar is detrimental for your teeth. Sweetened beverages, candies, chocolates and fizzy drinks are all loaded with sugar; and consuming them excessively results in the development of plaque on the teeth, triggering the occurrence of caries. Thus, cutting down your consumption of sugar helps maintain good oral hygiene and dental care.
  • Staving off fine lines and wrinkles and having a healthy skin are a major benefit of quitting sugar. Sugar speeds up the process of ageing considerably. Consequently, if you steer clear of sugar, you can substantially slow down the process of ageing and keep the unwanted signs of fine lines and wrinkles at bay.
  • Lesser mood swings and having a clear and de-cluttered mind can be attributed to zero consumption of sugar. When you reduce your sugar consumption, serotonin levels undergo lesser oscillation, and your sense of well being improves appreciably.

Natural Alternatives To Refined Sugar

Stopping sugar altogether may sound a little difficult and absurd for most people; but, the benefits of giving it up totally are manifold; even if you abstain from sugar consumption for just 10 days!

Sugar is exceedingly damaging to our body. By not eating sugar you will prevent and battle a host of disorders and diseases, ranging from diabetes, mood disorders, irritability, heart diseases, and obesity.

Once you eliminate sugar and substitute fresh fruits or dry fruits as an energy source, you will feel significantly lighter and more energetic.

You may opt for honey, coconut sugar, date sugar, stevia, jaggery, maple syrup, molasses, barley malt syrup, as excellent alternatives to refined white sugar. These will satisfy your craving for sweet and won’t impair the functioning of the body.

Sugar has become our constant companion, whether in the form of spoonfuls in the coffee or tea, or sugar packed carbonated drinks, cookies and breads; sugar dominates our diet. Nutritionists and dieticians world over recommend eliminating this poison from the diet and selecting healthier options.

However, always look for natural alternatives; a lot of sugar substitutes are synthetic and are no better than white sugar. What’s more, some of the artificial sugar substitutes, such as, aspartame are linked to obesity and cancer. Hence, always opt for the natural alternatives to satisfy your sweet cravings.

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