Benefits of Quitting Alcohol: Physical Benefits of Quitting Drinking

Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Alcohol consumption has been linked to a lot of health conditions—cardiac disorders, hepatic condition, renal diseases, and even addiction. It has caused a lot of disease and illnesses that sometimes progress to fatal complications. And with all the negative effects that alcohol has caused, clearly there are numerous benefits of quitting alcohol.

Health Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

  • Prevent chronic illnesses: By quitting alcohol, you save yourself from life-destructing diseases such as liver cirrhosis, heart attacks, and renal failure. These conditions have been closely associated to high alcohol intake.
  • Improve your appetite: Your appetite is usually suppressed when you are drinking. This prohibits proper nutrition since you are not eating healthy foods that are needed by your body in order to function well.
  • It saves you from accidents: How many vehicular accidents have been caused by drunk drivers? Clearly a lot have been reported. Alcohol impairs your cognitive and motor abilities, and by this alone you are already risking your life. Inability to make sound judgments because of the influence of alcohol is life-threatening.
  • You feel energized: Alcohol has a lethargic effect that lowers down your energy levels.
    It makes you feel tired easily, affects your performance, and the grueling hangovers.
  • Longer lifespan: The benefits of quitting alcohol points out to longevity. If you quit alcohol you save yourself from life-threatening diseases and accidents.
  • It saves money: More than the physical benefits of quitting alcohol, it also helps you financially. You spend hundreds of dollars on your drinking sprees, impractical if you would consider the economical meltdown. Calculate the money that you will be saving by skipping on the booze—that’s quite a lot.

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