7 Reasons Why Your Children Need To Eat A Healthy Breakfast?

Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day. Ensuring that your children eat a wholesome breakfast every morning is one of the best ways to enhance their health, behavior as well as performance.

  1. Research shows that children who eat breakfast have higher test scores, better focus and concentration and good muscle coordination.
  2. They have better attentiveness during school hours than children who tend to skip the morning meal. Eating breakfast perks up your intellectual performance and math score appreciably.
  3. Those who eat breakfast participate more in class discussions and talks, are better able to deal with complex problems in class and secure better grades.
  4. Having a wholesome nutritious breakfast every morning increases your energy levels significantly and this peps up your stamina and endurance levels at school. Energy provided by breakfast carbohydrates helps kids to fully involve themselves in physical activities at school, including physical education and a host of extracurricular programs. Kids who eat breakfast are in general, in better health as well. They are less susceptible to infections, obesity and illnesses, thus resulting in lesser number of sick days.
  5. Skipping breakfast occasionally should not cause you endless anxieties though, but children ought to have a routine of eating breakfast before they start their day. A very good way to set up a daily breakfast habit is for the family to sit down together at the table for the meal every morning. When kids see their parents having a daily breakfast, they are more likely to do the same.
  6. Also, involving the kids in the food shopping and meal preparation creates more interest in breakfast, more so, if you permit them the independence to select some of their own foods.
  7. Childhood obesity is a speedily growing trouble, says statistics; thus, a regular nutritious breakfast is unquestionably a part of the solution. Those who eat breakfast are less likely to get overweight and obese; this is due to the fact that those who pass over breakfast tend to eat more calories during the rest of the day. Breakfast also gives children an opportunity to take in vital nutrients; few meals mean fewer opportunities to get the many vitamins and minerals the body requires. Hence, it’s not just eating breakfast which is crucial, but choosing the right nutrient-rich foods is exceedingly important.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

If your children do not enjoy breakfast or are bored with the morning meal, offer them varied breakfast options and alter the menu every week.

You can try whole grain cereal, whole wheat bread sandwich, a bean, egg and cheese burrito, egg salad on toast, and pasta with vegetables.

Go for whole grains such as – whole wheat toast, oats, or whole grain cereals to supply the carbohydrates. Eggs and lean meat give good protein. Add fruit and / or vegetables to the meal, including 100 percent fresh, real, fruit juices; they supply vital nutrients.

You could have a fresh fruit or fresh vegetable juice with the meal or throw in some veggies in the sandwich. High calcium foods such as milk and yogurt boost school performance – have a milkshake or a smoothie along with the meal.