Red Grapes Nutritional Value And Health Benefits Of Grapes

Like many fruits, grapes are delicious fruits having high nutritional value. Grapes are of different size and shape. They are oval or round in shape having green, red or purple color.

Children and adults all like the sweet and sour taste of grapes. Grapes have many health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Grapes

  • The antioxidant properties of grapes protect from heart disease and hypertension.
  • Vitamin C present in grapes is useful in controlling the harmful free radicals.
  • Grape juice is effective cure for mouth and throat infections.
  • Potassium and calcium present in grapes is useful in maintain healthy nervous system.
  • Magnesium present in grapes facilitates muscle contraction.
  • The vitamins present in grape have a definite roll in metabolic function and various cellular activities.

Anthocyanins, quercetin, resvaratrol are antioxidants present in grapes, protects cardiovascular system, nerves and arteries from damages. Besides it also helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Nutritional Value Of Grapes

Grapes nutritional value: a cup of grapes consisting 150gms:

  • Calories=100, Carbohydrate= 28 gm, Fat=0.3g, Protein=1.3gms.
  • Vitamin A=99IU, vitamin C=17mg, vitamin K= 25mcg.
  • Folate=3 mcg, choline =8mg, niacin= 0.5 mg, vitamin B6=0.
  • Calcium=16mg, iron=0.6mg, magnesium=11mg, potassium=300mg,
  • Phosphorus=30mg, fluoride= 11 mcg, sodium=3 mg.

Red Grapes Nutritional Value

Serving size of 100gms:

  • Calories= 67, fat= 0.1gm, carbohydrate=19gms, protein=0.7
  • Vitamin C= 10mg, vitamin K=22mcg, niacin=0.1mg.
  • Calcium=10mg, iron=0.2mg, magnesium=8mg, phosphorus =21mg, potassium= 200mg.

Green Grapes Nutritional Values

Serving size of 100gms:

  • Calories= 58, carbohydrate=15gm, protein= 1gm,
  • vitamin A=60IU, vitamin C=7mg,
  • calcium= 6mg, iron 1 mg.

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