Healthy Late Night Snacks To Eat: Low Carb Late Night Snacks

For many people it is difficult to curb late night eating habit. Especially for students who burn the midnight oil while they study, or for a professional who has to prepare for his scheduled program the next morning, or while watching a late night television serial. Staying awake late at night may naturally make you feel hungry.

Eating late night snacks may not lead to weight gain, the only precaution that needs to be taken is it should be low in calories. In fact there is nothing wrong in eating a healthy snack anytime of the day.

There are several reasons for craving food late in night. If your body is dehydrated, you may have to indulge for midnight munchies. Boredom is another cause for late night eating. If you have eaten your dinner early you may feel hungry at night. Low sugar level can make you feel hungry in the middle of night.

Late night snacks should be easy to digest. It should be a healthy snack instead of eating unhealthy junk food.

Sometimes eating junk food can cost your sleep besides excess of calories. While consuming late night snacks, make sure that it consists of more proteins instead of carbohydrates. Small amount of eating protein food will keep your stomach full for longer period. Here are some of the healthy late night snacks that you can try.

What Are Healthy Late Night Snacks To Eat?

  • Popcorn is great late night snack to curb your hunger pangs. You can prepare popcorns at home in your microwave. A bowl full of munching popcorn will satisfy your hunger at the same time it may not add up any significant calories. Add some toppings such as parmesan cheese to savor your taste. You can also add spices and or chili flakes as per your requirement.
  • A mix of fresh fruits for late night snacks is healthy as well as satisfying. Take few strawberries, bananas and oranges. Banana contains needed carbohydrate and other nutrients, while orange and strawberry is beneficial as it contains vitamins. Besides they are very low is calorie.
  • If you feel hungry late at night, eating a cupful of yogurt can satisfy your hunger pang. Yogurt is also beneficial for stomach problems. It contains healthy bacteria. Therefore if you have eaten spicy food, a cup of yogurt or buttermilk late at night can be soothing for your stomach.
  • A glassful of skimmed milk with cereals is another healthy snack for late night snackers. Skimmed milk will help you to have sound sleep at night as it contains compounds that induce sleep. Cereals contain more protein which fill up your stomach and prevent hunger pangs.
  • One of the healthy late night snacks is vegetable sandwich. A sandwich filled with tomatoes, beetroot, potatoes, and cucumber. It is easy to prepare and also fills your stomach.
  • Dark chocolate with almond can be a late night snack when you feel hungry. Keep the prepared treat in refrigerator. Grab them when you feel hungry at night.

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