Infant Food Allergy Symptoms: Causes and Cure for Infant Food Allergy

An infant usually is fed on mother’s milk till the age of six months. But in some unfortunate circumstances such as low output of mother’s breast milk or mother suffering from any disease, the infant is put on substitute milk such as cow’s milk. Some infants become fussy at times when fed on cow’s milk; this is because the infant is allergic to the protein present in cow’s milk.

It is also basic ingredient in most commercial infant food formulas.

An infant usually outgrows the food allergy as he attains the age of 2 to 3 years. But in some cases it can prolong for lifetime.

An allergic reaction in an infant occurs when the immune system mistakenly considers the protein present in infant food or milk as foreign. It then starts an allergic reaction by releasing histamine, which makes the infant irritable and fussy giving various symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting.
  • Loose motions.
  • Abdominal cramps, which makes the infant cry for a long period.
  • Infant refuses food.
  • And skin rash.

The allergic symptom can be very quick after feeding i.e. rapid onset or as late as 7 days.

In some infants skin rash is the first symptom to appear when they have food allergy. The rash appears as red patches all over the body with itching, it can be dry or with scaly lesions. However the rashes subside as the child grows.

Your doctor may advise allergy skin test, beside other blood tests and urine test when he suspects food allergy in your child. Food challenge test is another method used by many doctors to confirm food allergy in infants.

Infant Food Allergy Treatment

Delay introduction of solid food till six months. Try to feed only breast milk till 6 months.

Delay giving your child egg till he is two years of age.

If the infant is on cow milk formula, your doctor may suggest a change of to soy milk formula.

He may also suggest commercial formulas having processed proteins which contain amino acids and sugar.

Your doctor may give symptomatic treatment for diarrhea and abdominal colic in acute case of infant food allergy.

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