Is Ketogenic Diet Good for Seizures in Children and Adults

Ketogenic Diet for Seizures

A Ketogenic Diet is a diet prescribed for children and some adults who experience seizures.

  • This is a high-fat diet that is low in carbohydrates
  • It is designed to help control seizures in patients with epilepsy
  • It is often prescribed to children more than adults
  • The diet has been designed to produce Ketones and
  • Ketones replace carbohydrates as the main fuel of the body
  • The diet usually excludes sugars and bread
  • The higher ketone levels produced by the diet are said to help in controlling seizures
  • When given to kids, the diet is not expected to work immediately as the body still needs to adjust
  • The diet is always a consideration for patients as long as they have no conditions that can affect effectiveness
  • A 3:1 ratio is the most common ration used with children because needs higher amounts of protein.
  • Meals of patients on the diet need to be provided with care
  • Even a slight deviation is not allowed for the diet to work effectively

Ketogenuc Diet for Seizures in Children

  • This diet is prescribed to kids who suffer from seizures and do not respond to most seizure medication.
  • It is usually given to kids who have Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome
  • Infants on the diet are usually given formula only diets for better compliance
  • The condition has been shown to work well with the following kinds of seizures:
    • Infantile spasms
    • Doose Syndrome
    • Rett Syndrome
    • Tuberous Sclerosis
    • GLUT-1 Deficiency
  • The diet also works well in kids who experience focal seizures

Ketogenic Diet for Seizures in Adults

  • The diet is not usually prescribed for adults because it is very limiting
  • Some adults may try the diet if not other treatments work
  • For adults the diet is similar to the Modified Atkins Diet, but it is a lot stricter
  • Studies have shown that the diet works as well for adults than it does for kids

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