What are the Health and Nutritional Benefits of Eating Oatmeal Daily?

Oatmeal, also known as a porridge made from oats is the best breakfast choice for many health conscious individuals all over the world. Oatmeal nutrition is well-known for lowering risks of many health issues or problems. It is a good source of a well-balanced meal needed for good health and a long life matched with a healthy lifestyle and a low-fat diet.

Oatmeal Nutrition Facts

  • Rich in dietary fiber good for the digestive system
  • Low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium
  • Good source of manganese, phosphorus and selenium
  • Provider of various vitamins, calcium, protein and minerals

Oatmeal is a good part of a healthy diet.

  • Being rich in fiber, it targets certain bile acids decreasing its toxicity
  • Soluble fiber lowers bad cholesterol in the body without affecting good cholesterol
  • Fiber in oatmeal slows down starch digestion which prevents sudden increase of blood sugar levels
  • Being rich in essential nutrients, it aids in the proper development of bones and muscles

What are the Health Benefits of Oatmeal

Many studies have shown that oatmeal is good for the body.

  • Being part of the daily diet, it lowers risks of heart illnesses
  • It slows down digestion making one feel full longer, making it good for persons who want to lose weight
  • Its capability to control sudden rise of blood sugar makes it a good food for individuals with diabetes.
  • It regulates bowel movement, reducing risks of constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • It reduces risks of high blood pressure
  • Like other grains and vegetables it containing phytochemicals, it reduces cancer risks.
  • A good source of energy beneficial for a busy and stressful day

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