Zone Diet And Paleo Zone Diet For Athletes: Is It Good For Athletes

There are different types of dietary programs that are available which help achieving weight loss, enhancing energy levels and improving muscle mass. While most of these dietary programs involve restricting the consumption of certain types of foods, these programs are often associated with high risk of micro-nutrient deficiencies.

Paleo Zone diet is a combination of two different diets which helps overcome the risk of micro-nutrient deficiency whilst also enhancing energy levels.

Zone diet is considered to be very good for athletes, as it elevates energy levels and helps in building muscle mass.

Zone Diet For Athletes

Zone diet is a unique nutrition program that was designed and popularized by Dr. Sears. The program attempts to supply our body with essential micro-nutrients which are required to enhance health and overall body performance.

Zone diet involves consuming carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the ratio of 40:30:30. This unique diet allows carbohydrates to be released into the blood stream at a slower rate, which provides essential energy when required. Also this unique diet program results in lower levels of insulin being released into the body, which means that less amount of fat is stored and more fat is burned, thereby aiding in weight loss.

Paleo Zone Diet For Athletes

The Paleo zone diet combines the benefits of two different dietary programs- the paleo diet and the zone diet to enhance energy levels and aid in weight loss.

The Paleo diet is based on the concept of consuming unprocessed raw food like our ancestors used to consume prior to the agricultural revolution. On the other hand the Zone diet suggests the consumption of different types of food in proportion to provide energy and ensure optimal functioning of the body.

This unique combination diet plan has several potential benefits. As per Mayo Clinic, the carbohydrates consumed in the diet plan help in increasing the blood sugar and insulin levels gradually, rather than resulting in rapid changes. As per the American Dietetic Association sudden spikes in the sugar levels can lead to higher risk of development of hypertension, cholesterol, gout, diabetes and obesity. The Paleo Zone diet can be beneficial in preventing a host of these ailments, without compromising with the overall energy levels and body functions.

Is The Zone Diet Good For Athletes?

Zone diet is a unique diet plan which has specific benefits especially for athletes. The diet plan results in slow release of energy, which means that energy levels remain at optimum levels through the day, without spiking in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Also a Zone diet prevents insulin levels from rising very high which in turn limits the storage of fat in the body and helps to burn down of fat. Overall zone diet helps in maintaining ideal body weight and ensures that energy levels remain high throughout the day. Proteins and fats are supplied by lean meat and healthy oils, while carbohydrates are supplied from vegetables.

Including omelet with spinach and mushrooms or stir beef with vegetables or grilled chicken with tomato salad and steamed broccoli are some of the meal options for Zone diet.

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