Nutritional Value Of Papaya And Health Benefits Of Eating Papaya

Papaya is one of the most widely consumed fruits globally and is referred to as a power fruit. Papaya is not only delicious; it is also loaded with several essential nutrients, which play a crucial role in enhancing overall health of an individual.

Papaya is also loaded with several anti-oxidants making it a great fruit not only to delay the signs of aging, but to treat chronic disease conditions like cardiovascular disorders.

Regular consumption of papaya is recommended with a few exceptions.

A Papaya is loaded with dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Carotene and other essential minerals. In addition papaya fruit also contains enzymes like carpain and arginine, both of which have profound benefits on our health.

Papaya contains several anti-oxidants which prevent the cholesterol form oxidizing and protect the arteries from atherosclerosis. In addition, these anti-oxidants also reduce free radical damage of the skin cells which is considered to delay the signs of aging and keep you feeling young and energetic for longer.

Health Benefits Of Eating Papaya

Here are some significant health benefits of eating papaya on regular basis,

  • Papaya is loaded with potassium, which is considered very effective in the management of muscular cramps and pains.
  • Papaya is loaded with vitamin A, which is considered to be an important vitamin to treat glaucoma, cataract and enhances vision. Vitamin A is also important for a healthy and youthful skin.
  • Studies have shown that the seeds of papaya are very useful in treatment of intestinal infestation and worms, especially among children.
  • Papaya is loaded with dietary fiber which makes it a very good food to treat constipation and also promote digestion. In addition papaya contains a digestive enzyme called papain, which stimulates the digestive process.
  • Papaya like other fruits has a low caloric value, which makes it an important fruits especially among dieters and individuals attempting to lose weight.
  • Papaya is also considered beneficial in management of nausea and morning sickness.
  • Papaya is considered to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. This makes papaya a very good fruit for the treatment of joint disorders including arthritis, etc. It is also considered useful in the palliative management of cancer as it can alleviate some of the dreaded symptoms of the disease.
  • Papaya naturally enhances immunity and hence is considered to have a high value in the treatment of common cold, flu, cough, etc.
  • Raw papaya is considered very useful in treating menstrual irregularities in women. Papaya helps in promoting natural flow.
  • Papaya is also useful in management of hair loss and dandruff. Papaya extract is very commonly used for hair care and is an important ingredient of shampoos and hair care products.
  • Papaya is also useful in the management of male form of infertility.
  • Papaya contains carpain which is considered to reduce oxidative damage and prevent atherosclerosis. This makes regular consumption of papaya very beneficial for individuals with cardiac disorders.

Papaya is loaded with several health benefits and hence is considered very important to promote good health. While papaya is good for individual of all ages, pregnant women should avoid the consumption of raw papaya. Raw papaya may trigger uterine contractions which increases the risk of premature delivery or abortion.

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