Importance of Planing Right Protein Diet Recipes

Protein is an excellent source of energy. It is especially recommended to be a part of a body builder or an athlete’s diet as well as for individuals aiming to lose weight.

  • Protein diet plan begins by calculating or measuring a person’s protein needs using a standardized chart; height, hip and abdomen measurements in females and weight, wrist and waist measurements in males
  • Protein recipes should include animal protein in meat, fish, poultry and vegetables which contains amino acid for proper body function and growth.
    A combination of such ingredients completes protein needs of the body as some may not contain protein requirement level needed by the body, thus being filled by others

How to Plan a Protein Diet Menu

Below is an example of a protein menu:

  • For breakfast, scrambled eggs with low fat cottage cheese or butter, two slices of brown bread and a glass of skimmed milk or unsweetened juice
  • For lunch, brown rice with roasted chicken or fish such as salmon, tilapia, tuna and tofu, and vegetable salad like cucumber, spinach and carrots with tomatoes
  • For dinner, light protein meals are advisable such as whole grain pita or pancakes, salads, soup, protein shakes, or grilled sandwiches
  • For dessert, fruits such as apple, avocado, banana, grape, orange, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, peach, and cantaloupe could be eaten
  • For snacks, peanuts, corns, cashew nuts, and sunflower seeds could be consumed so as crackers or quiches

Importance of Protein Diet Meals and Right Protein Intake

  • Protein meals helps the body by providing needed amino acids used to build new proteins and muscle growth and repair, bone repair as well as of the skin and organs
  • With right amount, it aids in proper body function
  • Cuts and abrasions heals faster and proper blood clotting
  • It aids in body growth, hormone, antibodies and enzyme development

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