What Causes Green Urine In Humans And How To Get Rid Of It?

Normal urine is usually light yellow to deep amber; due to the presence of the pigment urochrome in it and the color is based on how dilute or how concentrated your urine is. The color of normal urine varies, depending upon how much water you consume. Fluids attenuate the yellow pigments in the urine, hence, the greater amount of water or fluids you drink, the paler will be your urine.

When you consume too little liquids, the color of the urine gets darker. Severe dehydration makes the urine look deep amber. Sometimes, the urine may turn red, blue, green, dark brown and cloudy white. This isn’t normal and needs to be evaluated and managed appropriately.

Pigments and certain compounds present in some of the foods and medications that you consume can alter the color of the urine. Berries, beet and fava beans are some foods which are known to affect the color of urine. Also, some of the over-the-counter and prescription drugs give urine colorful tones.

Your urine may appear green due to a host of reasons and the duration and course depends upon the cause triggering it. There are several causes for the urine to turn green.

A common cause is urinary tract infection, where the urine may turn greenish. True green urine is rather rare and invariably occurs because of food coloring, some medications or certain dyes. You must confer with your health care provider / specialist to understand your problem better.

Causes Of Green Urine In Humans?

  • Dyes: Vibrant food colors and dyes are known to turn the urine green. Dyes found in certain foods and drinks, particularly when consumed in huge quantities can make the urine appear green. Even though dyes are present in a host of foods and drinks, it gets broken down or is present in miniscule quantities to be noticed in urine.
  • Dyes that are employed for investigations of the kidney and bladder function can turn the urine green-blue.
  • Medications: Various medications make your urine green – propofol, amitriptyline, and indomethacin.
  • Medical conditions: Familial benign hypercalcemia, an inherited disorder, (rather rare) makes children having the disorder have blue-green urine. Green urine also occurs when you have urinary tract infections caused by the pseudomonas bacteria.

How To Get Rid Of Green Urine?

There is no specific treatment for green urine. Confer with your health care provider; he will order a few investigations to be carried out to establish the exact cause. Your doctor will focus on treating the underlying problem which is responsible for the green discoloration. By and large, no treatment is necessary given that the abnormal color will pass with time. Increasing your intake of water will hasten the resolution.

If you are susceptible to having green discolored urine steer clear of all foods and beverages that have strong added dyes and colors. Have loads of water to flush out the system; also you can have herbal teas which help detox the body too. Talk to your doctor in case you feel your medicines are triggering the problem; he will change the medicine or alter the dose as per your condition.