How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath From Mouth And Stomach Naturally?

Garlic is one of the most commonly used ingredients to add flavor to various dishes. Breakdown of garlic, during digestion and metabolism releases by products, which has the distinct ‘garlic odor’. Experts suggest that there are two ways in which garlic can affect your breath.

Firstly, the garlic compounds are broken down in the oral cavity, which result in the release of cystine sulfoxide, resulting in bad breath.

This bad breath usually disappears after brushing or flossing.

Secondly, metabolism of garlic produces a gas called allyl methyl sulfide, which is released into the blood stream. When the blood passes through the lungs, this gas is released during exhalation. Estimates suggest that the body can continue to release this gas, even after 72 hours of consumption of garlic.

Both, Allyl methyl sulfide and cysteine sulfoxide, have a similar smell, which is categorized as garlic breath.

How Do You Get Rid Of Garlic Breath From Stomach?

Here are some tips that can help get rid of garlic breath coming from the stomach,

  • Take a teaspoon of mustard and swallow it. Mustard will help cover the odor of garlic sulfur compounds, which are released from the lungs.
    You can also swish mustard oil in your mouth, to get rid of the garlic odor in the mouth.
  • Fennel seeds, Cloves and Anise seeds are natural herbs that neutralize garlic breath. These herbs are also useful in promoting digestion and thereby hasten elimination of toxins.
  • Drinking milk helps neutralize garlic odor. Milk contains fat and water which seem to act directly on masking the offensive odor. Some experts suggest that it can also help suppress the sulfurous properties of garlic.
  • Research studies have shown that yogurt can help reduce bad odor by acting directly on bacteria which produce hydrogen sulfide. It is recommended to consume about six ounces of yogurt to have healthy oral breath.
  • Coffee beans contain antibacterial abilities which help destroy microbes responsible for halitosis. Roasted coffee beans enhance the effect and are very helpful to deal with garlic breath.
  • Chewing Mint leaves or peppermint chewing gum can help mask the breath temporarily. Though this will not get rid of the bad breath from the lungs, it is very helpful.

Stop Smelling Of Garlic Breath Naturally

In addition, there are certain temporary measures that can help reduce the effect of garlic odor from the mouth,

  • Chewing parsley can help get rid of garlic breath. Parsley contains significant amount of chlorophyll, which is a natural breath freshener. Parsley also has toxin eliminating properties and hence aid in eliminating offensive body and mouth odor.
  • Avoid hot foods, since they intensify garlic breath. Alternatively consuming cold foods like ice creams, snacks, desserts can help reduce the intensity of bad breath.
  • Lemon is effective in neutralizing odor and can kill bacteria causing bad breath. Chewing lemon peels is also very effective.
  • Mint Green tea contains polyphenols, which help neutralize the action of hydrogen sulfide. Consume mint green tea once a day to have a pleasant and refreshing mouth odor.

In addition, general measures like brushing your teeth immediately, flossing regularly, at least once a week and keeping the tongue clean are important to manage mouth odor. Salt water gargling can also be very effective in dealing with garlic breath, though it is usually a temporary measure.

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