Overcoming Inferiority Complex: What are Its Causes And Symptoms?

“One wrong move and people are instantly ready to write your obituary”, this is what a person having inferiority complex always feels about. Inferiority complex is a feeling of low self esteem; it’s a condition where a person feels he is lesser than others in some way or the other.

Every one of us may have felt inferior to our friends, colleagues or even to our near and dear sibling at some point of time, but generally we all surpass such episodes.

It does not leave a permanent impression on our personality nor does it in our mind. But there are many people, in whom inferiority complex reaches to a higher level; it causes major disturbances in their mindset which leads them to withdraw from society at large.

Alfred Adler was the first person who had pioneered to describe inferiority complex as a psychological state. The whole feeling of inferiority complex shoots from ego, power, dominance and social status in society. A person may have an inferiority complex when he feels himself inferior, and thinks others are better than him. The seeds of this feeling are sowed usually in early childhood, if the condition is not tackled in the beginning; it starts its manifestation as the child grows up into adulthood.

What Causes Inferiority Complex?

Generally inferiority complex can arise from following factors:

  • Parent’s attitude and the atmosphere in which the child is brought up. The child can have an inferiority complex when the parents are behaving in authoritarian manner. It has the same impact when a teacher or a peer behaves with his student or a subordinate. Such behavior can affect the child’s personality in long term.
  • Physical defects can also make a person feel inferior to others.
  • Limitation of mental ability.
  • Social deprivation and disadvantage.
  • Social discrimination.

All the persons who are affected with the above problems try to over compensate their inferior complex by developing some defensive attitudes which can make them to achieve something positive or reversely, it can have negative impact resulting in anti social behavior. It can be manifested in the form of certain symptoms.

Inferiority Complex Symptoms

  • Withdrawing from social surrounding. The person may not like to mix with people. He tries to avoid crowd or social gatherings. He has a feeling of being worthless.
  • Belittle others: such persons have to find a way to make others feel that he is better than others. In doing so, he tries to belittle others. Contrary to withdrawal from the social contacts, he tries to become more emboldened and outspoken, sometimes also behaving rudely.
  • Finds faults with everyone: for any wrong doing or failure on his part, the person having inferiority complex may not take the responsibility, rather he blames others, or surrounding or the time for his mistake or failure.
  • They stay away from competition as there is a constant fear of their ability being known to others.
  • Extremely sensitive persons: they are sensitive to both criticism as well as a complement. They find all resources to defend against any criticism also if complemented; there is always a doubt about it being a genuine complement.
  • Such persons always feel they cannot do anything and they always have low self esteem. They do not attempt any new things for the fear of failure.

How To Overcome Inferiority Complex?

It is not an easy task to overcome a deep seated psychological condition such as the one called inferiority complex. Its roots are laid way back in childhood and they have created a deep impact on the tender mind. The condition cannot be cured overnight. It may require time to achieve the lost self esteem. There are some possible solutions that may help to overcome it.

Believing in self is one of the foremost necessities to become free from inferiority complex. Enhance the strength of a person who is suffering from inferior feeling. It will encourage him to have high self esteem. Make him understand that the goals in life can only be achieved when as person has confidence in himself.

Reading good books, having positive attitude in life or keeping regular contact with persons who have positive attitude are well worth for overcoming this psychological trait.

To reduce your failure rate, approach every job mindfully with awareness and total involvement. You should focus on the current task with distinct clarity and purpose.

Also avoid people who have negative thoughts and evoke a feeling of inferior complex in a person.

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