Why Do Some People Gain More Weight In The Summer?

In many parts of the world, especially in the northern hemisphere summer is the time for fun and frolic. Summer brings lot of excitement. People can do lot of social activities which were not possible in chilling winter. Picnics, beaches, parks and unwinding under the clear skies makes summer a fun filled season.

During this season many people try to lose weight. It is easier because people can walk and jog in the early cooling hours of summer season to shed off some pounds. But unknowingly there are several reasons that may sabotage the healthy intentions.

The scorching heat can keep people indoors. Overindulgence of food and drinks is common in summertime. All these factors promote weight gain instead of losing. There are several other reasons that may cause weight gain in summer.

What Causes Weight Gain In Summer?

Below are some of the important causes for weight gain in summer:

  • People feel thirstier in summer season. Perspiration robs away water from the body. To replenish the lost fluid people drink water.
    But often too much of water may not be appealing all the time. Hence people indulge in other sweet drinks and beverages. Lemonade and ice tea are two favorite cooling non alcoholic beverages people prefer. However, both these drinks contain plenty of sugar. Too much intake of sugar can be a cause for weight gain.
  • Summer time is vacation time. Many people are known to gain weight during vacations. During this period people often become careless about their eating habits. They overindulge in foods and alcoholic drinks. Relaxation in diet can surprisingly result in weight gain at the end of summer. The possibility of weight gain increases with multiple vacationing.
  • Frequent picnics during summer are common. Many people are not conscious about their food. Most people carry canned food preparations in picnics. These foods are commonly loaded with sugar and fats. Few such picnics can be a reason for increment in waistline.
  • People frequently visit restaurants or prepare barbecue in their backyard. Visiting restaurant or barbecue is not bad. But the music, ambience and lights in restaurant can distract conscious eating. Hence some people may overeat. The same is with barbecue. Most such barbecue foods are loaded with saturated fats.
  • People frequently are inconsistent in their workout because of heat and warmth of summer. Irregular strength training and cardiovascular exercise can ultimately cause increase in weight.
  • Drinking alcohol and beer is common during summer. Both these beverages contain lots of calories which can lead to weight gain.
  • Ice cream, cakes and cookies are favorite foods of children. People frequently eat ice cream in summer. Ice cream has too many calories, especially if it is topped with various other mix-ins. Over a period of two to three months of summer, too much of ice cream can add fat around your waist.