Causes Of Calcium Deposits On Fingernails: How To Get Rid Of It?

Majority of people sometime or other in their life may have come across tiny white spots on their fingernails. Most of them believe these white spots are calcium deposits which might be an indication that they have calcium deficiency in their body. However, it is a myth as the white deposits are not deposits of calcium.

In fact these white spots are sign of past injury to the matrix or the base of nail.

The injury is minor and a person may not even recollect that he had banged his fingernail to any object while doing some work. Medical fraternity terms this condition as Leukonychia. It can occur in one fingernail or many at the same time. Calcium deposits of such type take six or seven weeks to appear after the nail is hurt. Usually the spots do not appear on toenails.

Calcium deposits on fingernails are not harmful and they do not stay long. White spots on nail will go away as the nail grows. However, since calcium is necessary for strong bones and nails, lack of this mineral makes the nail weak and thus slightest force can lead to white spots.

What Causes Calcium Deposits On Fingernails?

  • The white deposits on nail can be horizontal or vertical. The most common cause of white spots on nail is traumatic injury to the nail matrix or nail bed. Even a minor injury to nail can precipitate calcium deposits after few weeks, although, the person may not remember when he had hurt his fingernail while doing some regular daily work.
  • In some cases manicure can be the cause. Slightest pressure on nail bed can start the event in silence which may be visible after six to seven weeks. In such cases, there is possibility that a person is lacking calcium which makes the nail fragile.
  • White spots on nail can also be caused due to allergy to nail polish. It can also be a sign left after the nail infection has healed.
  • White spots on nail are more common when the nail is weak. Thus any minor trauma to the weak fingernail in such case can lead to white spots. Therefore intake of calcium will help to make the nail stronger so that the nail can sustain such injuries.

How To Get Rid Of Calcium Deposits On Fingernails?

Calcium deposit on nail is not dangerous to health; however some people may not like its appearance. White spots eventually go away as the nail grows. But if the spots occur frequently, there is something that needs to be done to get rid of them. Here are natural measures that are effective in dealing with calcium deposits on fingernails.

  • If you are facing this problem on and off, make sure that your diet consists enough calcium containing foods. Milk is one of the easiest sources of calcium. Drink one glass of milk in the morning and at night. Besides this, other dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt also contain enough calcium to overcome its deficiency. Calcium is also present in fish, eggs and vegetables. Eat these foods liberally.
  • Besides strengthening your nails, including calcium containing foods in your diet will also keep your bones and teeth strong.
  • For proper absorption of calcium, we need vitamin D. This vital vitamin is freely available from sunlight. You should remain exposed to sunlight at least for half an hour daily.
  • Excessive salt is known to flush off more calcium from the body. Therefore limit salt intake in your diet. Avoid eating packaged food. Also avoid adding additional salt to your food.

Once you are certain that you are not lacking calcium in your body, there is less possibility of white spots on your fingernails. They are strong enough to withstand minor trauma.

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