How to Manage Anger and Depression In Childrens?

Anger, anxiety, depression are all natural human emotions and all humans express them one way or the other some time in their life. Anger is an emotional feeling that we express when we become frustrated for not achieving what we intend. There is nothing wrong about this universal emotion; however anger becomes a problem for an individual when the expression and behavior may hurt others.

Anger in children can be an inborn temperament or childhood experiences where they see their near and dear ones getting angry. Parents are the role model for a developing child. It is for this reason to manage anger in children; parents should know to control their anger in first place.

We all know children are dependent on adults for every minor thing. This dependence and lack of knowledge about things may cause frustration which they may not be able to express due to lack of communicative skill as adults do. The only way they can make their point and seek attention is thorough temper tantrums, yelling and screaming. At times angry child can turn violent and this trait may continue further in his adulthood, it is therefore important for all parents to know ways to manage anger in their children, before anger manages their child.

To manage anger in kids is not as difficult as parents believe. You have to make him understand that feeling angry once in a while may be taken as normal behavior, however obstinacy, violence, negativism, temper tantrums off and on may not be liked by others. To hurt someone in a fit of anger or to create chaos is not accepted in a well behaved child. Explaining the difference between various emotions and violence due to anger can be best way to manage anger in child.

Support to your child: one of the best ways to control anger in your child is express love and affection towards him, especially when the child is angry. A hug or a pat on his back may cool the child. Punishing him is not the solution for this problem. Instead make him understand what is good and what is not. Make some rules in your house and you have to follow it first so that your child will consider you to be a role model. It creates wrong impression for a child who sees his parents fighting and using abusive language, the child will imitate the same as he grows up. Parents should therefore follow anger management technique in the first place.

Simple Tips on How to Manage Anger and Depression In Children

  • Give unconditional love to your child.
  • Teach him how to control his anger; of course you can also follow. Count one to ten in his mind when there is feeling of anger. This will allow him to think and calm down. An adult can also try this when he feels angry.
  • Let him get involved in different activities such as dance, play, art etc. it helps the child to exhibit his creativity that he may not be able to communicate normally.
  • One another way is to utilize his energies in physical activities. Let him play games of his choice, sports activities will help to express his feeling in a better way.
  • Yoga and meditation are the best techniques that can manage anger in adults as well as children. Start practicing yoga with your child for bringing anger under control.

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