Causes Of Sharp Pain In Left Side Of The Head: How To Treat It?

A sharp, shooting pain in the side of the head is a fairly common complaint; minor headaches can be allayed using over the counter analgesics, getting some sleep or doing some deep breathing exercises. However, if you have severe and frequent headaches, then you need to understand the precise cause and deal with it suitably.

What Causes A Sharp Pain In Left Side Of The Head?

  • Migraine: An episode of migraine comes on after a long period of exhaustion, irritability or stress. A typical accompanying feature is vision impairment – such as halo, light flashes, wavy lines, and sometimes momentary loss of vision. Pain is characteristically on one side of the head and may radiate. There may be associated numbness or a tingling sensation on one side of the face, body, or a hand. It could leave you incapacitated for a whole day.
  • Tension type headaches: Along with the sharp pain in the side of your head, there will also be an ache in the neck and shoulders.
    Usually, the pain subsides in about an hour.
  • Ice Pick headache: Manifests as a sharp, short pain with a terrifyingly excruciating stabbing sensation. Typically, the pain lasts from 10 to 30 seconds. It vanishes before you can ascertain what is triggering it.
  • Sinus headache: Caused by acute sinusitis. There will be pain around the side of the head, cheeks, nose, and eyes.
  • Cluster headache: There will be an intense pain in the side of the head that could stay for an hour and return several times in the day. Individuals who suffer from cluster headaches are always agitated, they scream, pace the floor, and may even bang their head against the wall.
  • Giant cell arteritis: Causes a sharp pain in the left side of your head. When the arterial lining in the head gets inflamed, it sets off the pain. Untreated, it may cause other severe health complications such as a blindness or stroke.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia: Also triggers a sharp pain in head over the left side. Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve and multiple sclerosis are significant causes of trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Brain tumor: A vital symptom of brain tumor is an agonizing shooting pain in head, more so, on the left side. There will be more pressure in your skull, your brain may shift, and there will be impairment to the nerves and brain tissue. There will be associated vision issues, failure to maintain the balance, loss of hearing, vertigo, difficulty while speaking, and behavioral alterations.

Treatment Options For Pain In Left Side Of The Head

By and large, a headache is a transitory derailment from one’s normal everyday activities. It is easy to deal with headaches with a simple alteration in your lifestyle habits. Relaxation techniques, massage, Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates are effective methods to keep stress and consequently headaches at bay.

On the other hand, in case the headache persists, you could try over the counter and prescription analgesics to assuage your symptoms. However, it is very vital that you confer with your health care provider and understand the cause in case you are having frequent bouts of headaches.

Hot showers have been proved beneficial too; more so in case of tension headaches and sinusitis related headaches.

Migraine, trigeminal neuralgia and tumor in the brain need aggressive treatment options to manage them successfully.