Stomach Ache After Running: Its Causes It And How To Prevent It?

Stomach ache after a run is often indicative of either inadequate nutrition or dehydration. While there can be other causes associated with the condition, this symptom can be avoided if adequate precautions are taken prior to a run.

Experts suggest that during a run, the blood flow gets diverted from the stomach to the muscles of the body which in turn slows the digestion process and can be associated with pain.

This article provides relevant information about stomach ache after running and the tips to get rid of the sensation.

What Causes Stomach Aches After Running?

Here are some important causes that may contribute to stomach ache after running,

  • Jarring of the Stomach: Some experts suggest that running tends to create an impact per strike of the foot on the ground. This up and down movement of the stomach can create an unpleasant sensation and also lead to cramping in the stomach. This can be a common cause for stomach ache after running especially among new runners.
  • The kind of food you eat can also contribute to stomach ache after running. Heavy and greasy food, food loaded with dietary fiber or milk and its products are foods that are difficult to digest and take longer than usual to get digested.
    If you run within 2 hours of a heavy meal, the running can suddenly impact the digestive process and this in turn may lead to pain the stomach after running.
  • The fitness level of an individual is also a contributing factor. For individuals who are regular runners, the gastrointestinal system is attuned to the fact that it would get lesser supply of blood during the run. This in turn reduces the severity and intensity of the pain.
  • Other factors may include dehydration, heat exhaustion, etc

How To Prevent Stomach Ache After Running?

There are certain factors that may contribute to stomach ache after running and here are some simple tips on how to avoid the problem,

  • Ensure that you remain well hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration can interfere with adequate blood flow which in turn can result in stomach aching especially after a run.
  • Avoid eating heavy food about two hours prior to a run. Instead consume a easily digestible snack about half an hour before your run. This will provide adequate energy for the run whilst not interfere with a digestive process.
  • Use appropriate sports shoes while going for a run. Most sport shoes have shock absorbing capacity which in turn reduces the impact of the run on the stomach and prevents cramping.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Ache After Running?

Some experts suggest the use of recovery drinks to hasten the recovery after a run. The recovery drink should comprise of correct proportion of carbohydrates and proteins so as to trigger an insulin response which in turn replenishes the requirement of glycogen by the muscle cells of the body.

Experts suggest that 4 parts of carbohydrates and one part of proteins in a recovery drink is ideal for muscle recovery and avoiding post run stomach pain. Excessive protein can slow down the transfer rate from the stomach to the blood stream which may result in slower recovery.

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