Cortisone Shot Side Effects: Cortisone Injections Dangers, Risks

  • Elevated blood sugar especially among diabetic patients.
  • Pain that could increase within 24 to 48 hours in the area where cortisone was injected. The pain however subsides and can be treated with the use of ice compress or by taking of anti inflammatory drugs.

Cortisone Injections Side Effects

  • There is also cortisone shot side effects women experience such as flushing or redness of the face a few hours after the shot was administered.
    The facial flushing could last for a few days.
  • Individuals with dark skin complexion may experience that the skin area where the injection was administered lightens but there is no reason for you to worry since this is not harmful.
  • Local bleeding where the injection was administered due to ruptured blood vessels.
  • Injecting cortisone can increase the risk of infection in the body since any skin breakage makes you susceptible from microbial attacks. To reduce the risk, the doctor injecting cortisone will sterilize the skin and uses disposable materials.
  • Cortisone can also lead to the weakening of tendons in the body that can result to its rupturing.
  • Another side effect of cortisone injection is the loss of fatty tissue or a condition called fat atrophy. This condition can causes the skin to have dents or for fats to thin out. It can even cause painful walking when injecting cortisone is administered on the heel for plantar fasciitis treatment.
  • Muscle soreness, nausea, headache, and weight gain are other possible side effects of this shot.

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