Arm Massage Techniques and Procedure: Benefits of Hand And Arm Massage

Those involved in jobs that call for excessive use of the arms, hands, and wrists; there will be undue stress, pain and tension in them. An arm and hand massage helps alleviate this discomfort easily.

Hand And Arm Massage Procedure And Techniques

  • Lie on the back; and place 1 pillow below the knees, and a 2nd pillow under the head.
  • Pour oil on the hands and spread evenly over the fingers and palms. Rub the oil up the wrist towards the forearm, up to the top of the shoulder and nape of the neck. Go over the entire procedure for 5 times.
  • Use an overlapping motion to massage the wrists, forearm and shoulders. Then, repeat on the under-side of the arm.
  • Bend the arm at the elbow and move the fingers down to the elbow in a fluid motion.
  • Repeat 5 times.
  • Using the thumbs, massage the arm from the elbow to the under arm, using your thumbs. With each repetition, gradually increase the pressure.

Hand and Arm Massage Benefits

  • A massage relieves stress, pain and discomfort in the arms, hands, and wrists. A massage also resolves issues related to arthritis and poor blood circulation. The massage peps up blood circulation and rapidly eases sprains and strains.
  • An arms and hand massage gives you a relaxing and soothing experience, especially, if you are looking for instant solutions.
  • More importantly, with this massage technique you can decrease pressure and tension knots in the neck, scalp and chest, due to circulatory / nervous disorders.

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