Blood Type Diet: Food List and Diet For Blood Group A, B, AB, O+ –

Blood Type Diet Recipes

Following the recommended diet for group A, B, AB, O+- is important in order to restore the natural genetic rhythm of the body and to prevent your body from reacting negatively when the chemicals found in the food you eat interacts with the type of blood you have.

Blood Type Diet Food List

  • Individuals with blood type O should take a low-carbohydrate diet and foods that are high in proteins such as fish and lean meat. They should minimize their dairy products intake and avoid legumes, brazil nuts, beans, avocados, oranges, and grains. Other recommended foods include mackerel, red snapper, beef, buffalo, heart, veal, spinach, sardines, spinach, salmon, and swordfish.
  • Those who have blood type A should have a blood type diet that includes lots of fish, fruits, soy products and vegetables. Red meat should be avoided including seafoods, cashews, kidneys, high-protein bread, whole wheat bread, red beans, lima and garbanzo beans, foods with corn and peanut oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, tamarind beans, and dairy intake should be minimized.
  • People who have blood type B should eat plenty of dairy products, fresh fruits, green vegetables, liver, turkey, fish, eggs, soy, oatmeal, rice bran, puffed rice, lamb, and meat. Eat fish in moderation and should avoid bacon and chicken.
  • Individuals who have blood type AB should take the recommended diet for blood type A and B and should eat more seafoods, tofu, dairy products, green vegetables, lamb, and pineapple. Among the foods to avoid include guava, coconuts, mangos, starfruit, and black beans.

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